Grandparent DNA Testing

most accurate grandparent dna test

When an alleged father is not directly able to be tested, at least one of the suspected father’s biological parents can perform a DNA grandparent test to help determine if he is the true father of a child.

We guarantee we provide the most accurate DNA Grandparent test available.

Biological parents equally contribute 50% to their child’s DNA, so that one-half of his DNA comes from each parent. When that child becomes a parent, they in turn contribute half of their DNA to their child. Therefore, 25% of the grandchild’s DNA comes from each grandparent, through their biological child.

Our AABB accredited testing laboratories are able to deliver accurate results even when only one grandparent is available to test.

Most Accurate Grandparent DNA Test

Commonly asked questions about grandparent testing

If both grandparents are available to test it is no different than a paternity test using the suspected biological father. Each grandparent contributes 25% of their DNA to their grandchild, and a biological father contributes 50% of his DNA to his children, which makes it the same as testing him directly.

If both grandparents are not available, then we suggest using the mother of the child if possible to eliminate her DNA. When both grandparents or the mother is not available we will automatically upgrade to our 44 marker grandparent test. When we test more markers it allows us to obtain the accurate answers needed with just one grandparent and one grandchild.

If you are seeking answers for personal information only, then the test can be done discreetly and privately between grandparent(s) and grandchild(ren) without any other person knowing.

If you are needing a legal DNA test then the custodial parent or legal guardian will need to give written consent.

We test people from all over the world who live in different locations. You just order a DNA kit for each different address. Each kit can contain DNA collection supplies and a prepaid return envelope for up to three people at the same address.
Yes! Only the person who orders the test has access to the information. You have a private login name and password that only you know. We never discuss results with anyone else to ensure your privacy.
Yes! Alternate samples are very common to use when you want to have the testing run in a very discreet way. To learn more about Alternative Samples click HERE.

How much does a grandparent DNA test cost?

A DNA test may well be the most important test you will ever take. We guarantee the highest quality testing at the most affordable prices. We process thousands of DNA samples every year for lawyers, physicians, adoption agencies, and private individuals.

Your cost will depend on several factors, with the most important one being who is available to test. Your choices are outlined in the fee schedule below.

In addition, each private test has two options available for DNA sample collection.  

Grandparent Home DNA Test

  • No additional charge to test the mother’s DNA sample.
  • Results that are fast and accurate using only a high genetic marker count for testing.
  • The lowest price for high marker AABB standard grandpartent test available.
  • A pre-addressed and prepaid return mailer is included with our Grandparent DNA test kit.
  • Discreet and private testing is available and results delivered only to the person ordering.

cheap grandparent dna test

Number of People Testing Processing Time Cost
One or Two Grandparents, One Child 2-5 Days $199
One or Two Grandparents, Mother, One Child 2-5 Days $199
Each Additional Child 2-5 Days $125

Bio-Gene DNA Grandparent Home DNA Test Kits

Our at home testing, for private use and knowledge, is performed using the exact same process and standards as our legally admissible testing. All testing is performed in AABB accredited testing laboratories. Using more markers than other testing companies allows us to provide you with a level of accuracy that simply cannot be matched by lower marker testing.

Bio-Gene DNA offers TWO options for collecting your DNA samples when you order.

Purchase a Bio-Gene DNA Test Kit. 

This kit includes collection materials for up to 3 people, detailed instructions and a prepaid return mailer. Each kit ordered is sent via USPS Priority Mail with 2-3 day delivery. A tracking number will always be provided for your kit.

Cost: $9.95 each.

Make Your Own DNA Kit

You can choose the Make Your Own DNA Kit option. Using cotton swabs (“Q-tips”) you collect your DNA samples. Upon ordering you will be emailed a case number, detailed instructions, and the mailing address to send your samples to.

Cost: $0.00.

We guarantee our DNA testing to be at least 1,000 times more powerful than the DNA industry standard processing.

How accurate is our Grandparent DNA test?

Grandparent DNA testing is based on the statistical probability that two or more people are related by bloodlines as grandparent and grandchild. The industry standard for testing of this type compares 16 alleles to attempt to arrive at the conclusion if a grandparent/grandchild relationship exists.

The challenges and limitations with this approach is that when using so little genetic material, it is very difficult to arrive at a conclusive result because a grandparent only shares up to 25% of the same DNA with their suspected grandchild. All humanity shares 99.9% of the same DNA, which means that only .10% can be used to determine the answer as to whether or not a grandparent/grandchild relationship exists.

When only 16 markers are being considered, there is a very good possibility that an inconclusive result will be reported. Even worse, a false negative or false positive is also a potential outcome. Bio-Gene DNA holds the position that there are just not enough markers tested in a standard test to feel confident about the results.

Bio-Gene DNA uses up to 50% more alleles than other companies to perform the DNA testing. The DNA sample of the mother can be included at no additional charge.

44 marker grandparent DNA test

There are times or reasons that the other grandparent, or the mother, is not available for the grandparent testing. In order to obtain the most accurate DNA comparison results we will test up to 44 genetic markers. In these cases we test 250% more genetic material than a standard low end 16 marker grandparent test. This allows for only one grandparent and one grandchild being tested with 100% accurate results, based on the genetic profiles obtained. Statistically, when testing just two people, the 44 marker results are almost 10,000 times more accurate than the 16 marker tests other labs routinely process.

Grandparent DNA testing results

Due to performing the higher marker tests, Bio-Gene DNA is able to deliver results that provide conclusive results in almost every single case we handle. Results are provided in a PDF file through a secure login to the person ordering the test once they are ready.

Our results are 100% accurate, clear, understandable, and definite. Testing results are always kept confidential and only shared with the person ordering the test, unless specific instructions have been given to do otherwise.