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About Our DNA Testing Laboratory

Our DNA Testing Laboratory

You will receive DNA testing services from the largest and most reputable DNA testing laboratory in the United States when you order your DNA test through Journey Genetic Testing. Courts can accept any DNA test result that is legally binding with a chain of custody, and AABB accreditation. Legal testing is also able to be used to change a name on a birth certificate for oru lab results are trusted for US citizenship, passports, and CRBA applications. Private, non-legal testing, is done under the same process, and uses the same state-of-the-art technology, to provide 100% accurate results.

Our DNA Laboratory
State of the art technology

Our Laboratory For DNA Paternity Testing Has Full Accreditation

You can trust the precision and exhaustiveness of your outcome with Journey Genetic Testing. It can be a gamble with the truth to purchase even an informational paternity test from a small, unaccredited laboratory; Although it may be cheaper in the beginning, why risk false results for such a crucial test?

The DNA testing procedures and laboratory protocols are thoroughly examined, and passed, by our laboratory on a regular basis. To meet the highest standards, each DNA test is processed twice. The truth is too important to trust to a lab that is fully accredited.

Our laboratory and their scientific team have earned the highest accreditations available for genetic testing. Our lab also participates in several voluntary accreditation programs to make certain of the the validity of the DNAtesting methods used, the competency of the scientists and technicians that process the DNA samples, and the accuracy of the test results, which are always reviewed by a Ph.D. prior to being signed and delivered to you.

To learn more about why accreditation is important, please click on DNA LABORATORY ACCREDITATION.

Avoid The Risk Of Receiving False Results!

When you contrast our DNA testing package with that of a number of other labs on the market, you will discover that we truly provide the highest quality DNA tests at the lowest overall price, and have no hidden fees. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Genetic Consultants if you need help comparing our prices to those of other companies.