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At Home DNA Test Kits

Paternity and family relationships can be conclusively proven through DNA testing!

There are two type of DNA testing results that are provided. Private, at home testing, and legal, court admissible testing. If you think you need DNA result for Social Security benefits, a pending court case, immigration, or adoption please click on LEGAL DNA TESTING.

Most of our clients do not need a DNA test result for court. They just want to know the truth. Our at home DNA tests allow you to get 100% accurate results in the privacy of your own home. Home testing allows you the time to process the results, whether they are what you expected or not. We believe that we offer the best at-home DNA testing for these reasons:

  • Everything you need to test, and return the samples, is included.
  • Our testing facilities are AABB accredited.
  • The results we deliver are 100% accurate, guarnateed.
  • The legal and home test findings show exactly the same conclusion.
  • We provide for discreet testing and total privacy.
  • Laboratory processing of your samples will be fast.
  • DNA reports are written in easy to read, and understand, language.

Just select the type of test, or tests, from the options below, that you are interested in learning more about and you will be taken to a page specifically for that test with detailed information to help you on your journey to truth through DNA.

Home DNA Test Options

Home Paternity Test

Paternity testing provides scientific evidence of whether a man can be a child’s biological father.

sibling DNA testing - full or half sibling

A DNA sibling test is done between two or more peoples to determine if they are related as siblings.

grandparent dna test

A grandparent DNA test is used to establish paternity when the father is not available through a grandparent.

Twin Zygosity Test

A twin zygosity test conclusively determines if twins are identical or fraternal.

Test with an aunt or uncle to prove paternity when the sample for the alleged father cannot be obtained.

Non-invasive prenatal paternity test

This test can be performed as early as the 7th week of pregnancy. Three test options. Fast results.

Family DNA Reconstruction Test

Establish paternity with 2 paternal relatives: alleged aunts, uncles, grandparents or siblings of the father.

Mitochondrial DNA test

For both males and females, who believe they are related through a common female maternal lineage.

Conclusively determines if (2) or more males originate from some the same male line.

Maternity testing provides scientific evidence of whether a woman is a child’s biological mother.

Individual DNA Profile

Your unique DNA profile showing 24 genetic markers. When you need to be able to provide DNA identification.

Discreet DNA samples

You can submit items other than a mouth swab to test for DNA. Toothbrushes, hair, and many items.