How Accurate Is An Avuncular DNA Test?

how accurate is an avuncular dna test

Aunt-Uncle DNA testing is based on the statistical probability that two or more people are related by bloodlines. The industry standard for DNA testing of this type compares only 16 alleles (genetic markers). We hold the position that utilizing the industry standard 16 markers is insufficient standard to perform adequate testing for an Aunt/Uncle relationship. Why? There are simply not enough markers being tested to allow us to feel confident about the results. If only 16 markers are being considered in the testing process, we have found that in many cases an inconclusive result will be reported.

We guarantee to provide the most accurate Avuncular DNA test available.

Journey Genetic Testing performs Avuncular DNA testing with the higher 24 genetic marker test as part of our procedural standards. If we cannot reach a conclusive result with our standard 24 markers, we will automatically upgrade the test. We will examine additional markers up to a total of 46 markers (as applicable), to obtain the strongest results possible. Above all, we guarantee our DNA testing results to be at least 1,000 times more powerful than the standard 16 marker processing occurring today.

While we can in almost every case reach a conclusive result with just one aunt/uncle and one niece/nephew, we do suggest that if possible you add the mother’s DNA sample. We will not charge an additional fee to test a mother’s DNA sample, if it is submitted at the same time as the other DNA samples. If the mother is not available to provide a DNA sample we will still perform the testing, providing a result based on the genetic profiles of the suspected aunt or uncle and niece or nephew.

All DNA specimens are tested twice to ensure accuracy. Once the report has been finalized, it will be reviewed and signed by a Ph.D. No test results are sent to you without this review. Your results will be sent by email in a .PDF format, and can be printed if you want. You may also choose to order a hard copy sent to you USPS Priority mail (USA addresses only) at the time of your order.

All of the testing and delivery of your results are done in just two business days.

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