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What is an Avuncular DNA test?

An Avuncular DNA test, also known as an Aunt/Uncle DNA test,  allows the siblings of the alleged parent (the niece and/or nephew’s aunts or uncles) to participate in a DNA test to verify their biological relationships.  We understand that there may be many reasons the biological parent may not be available for testing and this is an accurate way to learn the truth about the relationship without direct paternity or maternity DNA testing.

We guarantee we provide the most accurate DNA Aunt/Uncle test available.

When we perform an Avuncular DNA Test, depending on who is available for testing, we have specific alleles that relate to the aunt/uncle relationship examined and analyzed to determine the statistical probability that an individual is the biological aunt or uncle of a particular child (minor or adult). While we can certainly obtain an accurate result with just one aunt/uncle and one niece/nephew being tested, we do suggest that if possible you add the mother’s DNA sample. Bio-Gene DNA does not charge an additional fee to test the mother’s DNA sample.

Can I do a DNA test with my aunt?

Aunt Uncle DNA test

Can I do a DNA test with my uncle?

Commonly Asked Questions

100% accurate based on the genetic profiles generated from the DNA samples submitted.

The results for private at home testing are the exact same results as produced for legally admissible tests.

If you are able to obtain a DNA sample from the mother of the child being testing, this allow us to include her DNA profile in the comparison study and can be used to eliminate the DNA contributed through the mother’s bloodline. This allows us to focus the study on the paternal line only and, when we then combine this profile along with using a higher genetic marker base, we are able to obtain DNA test results that generally reflect a higher probability of relationship, or eliminate the possibility of an avuncular relationship.
A DNA  test can be easily conducted even if the different parties to be tested are in different cities or even in different countries. Each DNA testing kit is assigned a unique identification number. If the different parties live in different locations, Bio-Gene DNA Test Kits with the unique case number can be sent directly to each party. After collection, each individual can separately send the specimens directly to the DNA laboratory. The DNA specimens will be correctly matched for each case using the unique case number. Testing begins once all samples have arrived.

When ordering online, select the option of two or more kits (one per address is recommended) on the order form and enter the additional name and address in the box that will automatically show when this selection is made!

Yes. We do not release the information to any person other than the person ordering the test. We also do not use your information for research purposes or to enter into a national database.
Perhaps the question should be “why do other companies charge so much more?”

Our mission statement is to provide the most accurate DNA testing at the lowest possible cost to allow those who are seeking the truth to be able to afford it. We understand the responsibility that comes with this service and we want to do it accurately, quickly, and affordably.

Our DNA testing reports are written in a way this is easy to understand, and we always provide a free consultation on testing results if needed.

Results are available to the ordering party through a secure client portal that is password protected. Your test results are provided in a .PDF format as soon as they are released from testing and reviewed for accuracy. Generally the results are available 3-5 business days after the lab receives the DNA samples, depending on the DNA test.

While uncommon, there may be times that an extra 24-48 hours may be needed if the samples require extended testing or special treatment. We do not charge extra for extended work or special circumstances.

While we never want a delay past our committed time for standard processing, we believe it is worth a short amount of extra work to be certain that the results we deliver to you are the most accurate that can be attained.

Can I do a paternity test with my uncle?

We guarantee our Aunt and Uncle DNA test to be at least 1,000 times more powerful than the DNA industry standard testing recommendations.

Avuncular DNA test accuracy

Avuncular DNA testing is based on the statistical probability that two or more people are related by bloodlines. The industry standard for DNA testing of this type compares only 16 alleles in an attempt to arrive at a conclusion regarding the suspected relationship. The challenge this presents is that when using such a small amount of genetic material it can become very difficult to arrive at a conclusive result. This is due to the fact that an aunt or uncle only share up to 25% of the same DNA with their niece or nephew. 99.9% of all human DNA is shared by everyone on the planet, and this means that only .10% can be used to determine an answer to the question of whether or not a biological relationship exists.

When only 16 markers are being considered in the testing process, there is a very good possibility that an inconclusive result will be reported. Even worse, a false negative or false positive is also a potential outcome. Bio-Gene DNA holds the position that utilizing the industry standard 16 markers is not a sufficient standard to perform adequate testing for an Aunt/Uncle relationship due to not enough markers being tested to feel confident about the results.

More genetic markers examined means a more accurate DNA test result. It’s a scientific fact.

Bio-Gene DNA will only perform an Avuncular DNA test using a higher number of genetic markers than the industry standard as part of our policy and procedural standards. We guarantee our DNA testing to be at least 1,000 times more powerful than the standard processing occurring today.

 Get DNA results in one business day!

You may choose the option to have your results rushed and ready for you in one business day! Once all samples have been received at the lab your case will be prioritized and rush processed to give you the most accurate results in the fasted time of any DNA testing laboratory available. The cost is $100.00 for this service. Alternative samples are not eligible for one day processing as a viability test must be performed prior to testing on any samples other than a mouth swab or blood card.


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Bio-Gene DNA Avuncular Home DNA Test Kits

Our at home testing, for private use, is performed using the exact same process and standards as our legally admissible testing. All testing is performed in AABB accredited testing laboratories. Using more markers than other testing companies allows us to provide you with a level of accuracy that simply cannot be matched by lower marker tests.

How much does an Avuncular DNA test cost?

A DNA test may well be the most important test you will ever take. We guarantee the highest quality testing at the most affordable prices. We process thousands of DNA samples every year for lawyers, physicians, adoption agencies, and private individuals. Your choices are outlined in the fee schedule below.

Avuncular Home DNA Test

  • No additional charge to include the mother’s DNA sample.

  • Guaranteed accurate results due to increased genetic markers examined.

  • The lowest price for AABB standard high marker avuncular testing available.

  • A pre-addressed and prepaid return mailer is included with our avuncular DNA test kit.

  • Discreet testing is available using non-standard samples.

  • Option to make your own DNA kit to save time and money.

Number Of People Testing Processing Time Cost
Child & Uncle or Aunt 3-5  Days $149
Child, Mother, Aunt or Uncle 3-5  Days $149
Each Additional Child or Relative 3-5  Days $100
Each Non-Standard Sample 5 Days $100
Rush processing 1 Day $100

In addition, each private test has two options available for DNA sample collection:

Purchase a Bio-Gene DNA Test Kit

This kit includes collection materials for up to 3 people, detailed instructions and a prepaid UPS overnight return mailer. Each kit ordered is sent via USPS Priority Mail with 2-3 day delivery. A tracking number will be provided for your order. We suggest one kit per address involved in the test process if those being tested do not live together or cannot do the collection together.

Cost: $9.95 each

Make Your Own DNA Kit

Using cotton swabs (“Q-tips”) you collect your DNA samples.Upon ordering you will be emailed an instruction form that will contain all the information needed, your case number, and the mailing address to send your samples to. This form can then be forwarded to all people testing. We suggest this option if you are sending alternative samples. To learn more about making your own DNA kit, please click here.

Cost: $0.00

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How to collect a DNA sample

Our standard DNA testing procedure, and the most accurate method of collecting a DNA sample, is to use a buccal swab (similar to a “Q-tip” cotton swab) rubbed on the inner cheeks of the mouth of those being tested. Mouth swabs are simple to use and yield enough DNA to successfully complete a DNA test.

We realize that sometimes it may not be possible to provide an oral swab DNA sample and that a person may wish to test other sources of genetic material. Under these circumstances DNA samples such as hair, a toothbrush, or blood stains known to have belonged to the other person being tested may be able to be used. We are able to test alternative samples, at a slight extra fee.

To learn more about alternate non-standard samples, click HERE.

DNA Test Features Legal DNA Test Private DNA Test
Court Ready/Legally Binding Yes No
100% Accurate Yes Yes
Confidential & Private Yes Yes
 Painless Process (mouth swab)  Yes  Yes
 AABB Accredited Lab Processing  Yes  Yes
 ID/Consent Needed  Yes  No
Mother Required No  No
Minimum Age Required  No  No
Appointments Required  Yes No
Testing In Different Locations  Yes Yes

If you need to have a legal DNA test for legal/court purposes please click here.