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DNA Banking

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What Is DNA Banking?

DNA banking involves the secure collection, transport, examination, and storage of your DNA. This ensures that your genetic material is kept safe and secure. Above all, this makes it available for future use in case of an emergency, or other important reasons. Crucially, your stored information can never be used for anything without your permission.If you ever become uncomfortable with the security of your banked DNA, you can have it destroyed.

Secure Your DNA Future Use Up To 15 Years

DNA testing is common and used to prove who someone is. Local news and social media often share stories about missing children, medical needs, and body identification. DNA can help solve these problems.

We think that banking is crucial for your future needs. Safeguard your DNA sample, which holds your body’s entire “blueprint.” This secures you, your assets, and your loved ones’ safety. Besides. you don’t want to wait for an emergency to collect a DNA samples. DNA banking is a standard practice for many people due to its low cost.

Getting a DNA sample is easy and painless. An authorized DNA collector rubs your cheeks with a buccal swab (like a long cotton bud). It’s important to note that the collector will maintain a proper chain of custody during the collection process.This confirms the DNA is yours. Our parent AABB accredited lab securely stores the genetic profile for 15 years. Always ask for your DNA profile.

You must give permission for future DNA retrieval and usage. Banked DNA is your property, accessed only by you or an authorized person. Journey Genetic Testing ensures your control over genetic material. You’ll get a certificate confirming storage at a specific location, ready for retrieval if needed.

Reasons Why You Should Use DNA Banking

Store Your DNA for Future Testing

You can test stored DNA at any time, as it remains usable indefinitely. Many genetic tests are available, including paternity, ancestry, and disease risk. We anticipate conducting more tests.

Wrong Accusations

Having your accessible DNA sample can help prove your innocence if you’re accused of a crime. Think about whether you can rely on law enforcement to properly handle and analyze your DNA. With control over your banked genetic material, you can submit it for qualified examination.

Proving a Biological Relationship

Proving who a child’s legal parents are can be hard without the DNA of the parents or other family members. This can cause problems with probate, delays in getting inheritance, or issues with child support. DNA is frequently utilized to verify family connections for immigration purposes.

DNA reports may be necessary for Social Security survivor benefits to ensure that a child receives the funds they rightfully deserve. You can store DNA samples from children and adults. A court-approved DNA bank can assist in solving disagreements fast, precisely, and with little expense.

Personalized Medicine

Medicine treatments are advancing quickly. If your healthcare provider is uncertain about the cause of an illness or condition affecting you or a family member, genetic testing can often provide answers. In addition to this, your ethnic background might increase it’s susceptibility to certain diseases and conditions. Storing your DNA can assist doctors in treating you accurately and benefit your descendants by leaving a DNA sample for them.

Identifying Remains

After a family member passes away, requesting a relative to give DNA for identification can cause distress. No one wants to gather hair from a brush or items with the deceased’s DNA.If you have stored DNA samples in advance, they can be used, if needed, for a more delicate process of identifying remains.Furthermore, since STRs vary widely, it’s unlikely two individuals have the same exact DNA profile.

DNA banking is a safe and effective way to provide peace of mind for you and your family for generations to come.

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