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DNA Banking - Secure Your DNA For 15 Years

DNA Banking

Preserve Your DNA For 15 Years


Secure Your Genetic Information For Future Use

DNA testing is now commonplace and is used frequently by people who need to provide legal verification of who they are. Almost daily our local news sources, and social media accounts, report about children that are suddenly missing, or are in need of specialized medical care, even body identification. DNA can often help solve these issues.

Don’t wait until an emergency is here to collect, transport and examine DNA samples, as that can make dealing with difficult situation more stressful than it already is, or in some cases, tragic. DNA banking, or storing a person’s DNA samples for future use, has become a standard process for many people, especially when it is so affordable.

You never know when you might need a DNA sample. We want to help you understanding the process for securely storing your genetic material (referred to as banking). We strongly believe that banking is an important part of taking care of your future needs. Protecting your DNA sample that contains the entire “blueprint” of your body, will help to protect yourself and your assets, and preserve the safety of your loved ones.

How Does DNA “Banking” Work?

When we talk about DNA banking we are referring to the secure collection, transport, examination and storage of an individual’s genetic material. While DNA banking ensures that your genetic material is correctly collected and stored securely, it also means it is available for to “withdraw” for future use in the event of an emergency or other pressing need. It is very important to state that even though the information is stored, is can never be used for any other purpose without your permission. If you ever become uncomfortable with the security of your banked DNA, you can have it destroyed.

Obtaining a DNA sample is simple and painless procedure. The inside of your cheeks are gently rubbed with buccal swab (which looks like a long handled “Q-tip” type cotton bud). The person collecting the DNA the sample should be an authorized DNA collector. A proper chain of custody is followed throughout your DNA collection which produces the genetic profile and certifies that it has come from you. It’s then stored safely for a pre-determined period, usually 15 years. You should always ask to receive a profile of your DNA.

You will need to give your authorization regarding who may retrieve your DNA in the future, and what it may be used for. Banked DNA is your personal property, and it can only be accessed by you, or your authorized representative. Journey Genetic Testing will guarantee you will always have complete control over your genetic material. You will receive a certificate authenticating that your sample is in storage at a specific location in the event you, or an authorized person, needs to retrieve your sample.

Reasons To Securely Store Your Genetic Material

Store Your DNA for Future Testing

DNA that has been banked will last indefinitely. You can access it for testing at any time. A wide range of genetic tests are currently available for everything from paternity to ancestry testing to disease predisposition. And we expect many more yet to come.

Wrongful Allegations

Your DNA sample can readily be available can help prove your innocence if find yourself accused of a crime. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you need to evaluation if you can really trust a law enforcement agency to properly collect, test, and analyze your DNA to prove your innocence. If you have control of your genetic material because it has been banked, then you would be able to submit your DNA for qualified examination.

Proving a Biological Relationship

Legally proving who the parents of a child are can, in many cases, be very difficult, without the DNA of the parents or other family members. This often leads to probate issues which can cause delays in receiving an inheritance, or child support issues. DNA is also common in proving your close family relationships for immigration purposes. Social Security survivor benefits may also rely on DNA reports to establish the right of child to receive those funds. You can bank the DNA samples of both children and adults, and using a court-approved DNA bank can help settle disputes quickly, correctly, with minimal cost.

Personalized Medicine

Medical technology is rapidly advancing. If your medical care profession is not sure what is causing an illness or condition that you have been diagnosed with, or even a family member is dealing with, genetic testing can often provide the answers a physician otherwise can’t find. Your ethnic heritage, also may make you more susceptible to certain diseases and conditions. Banking your DNA can help your doctors treat you properly, and can also be a help your children, grandchildren and other future generations by leaving a DNA sample for them.

Identifying Remains

After your family member has died, asking a relative to provide a DNA to assist in the identification remains can be very traumatizing. No one wants to ask for someone to collect hair from a brush, or to collect other items that might have the DNA from the deceased. If you have already stored your DNA samples, then they can be available, if needed, to identify the remains in a less painful way. Because STRs are so highly variable, the likelihood of two individuals possessing the exact same DNA profile is low.

DNA banking is safe, and effective, in providing peace of mind for you, and your family, for generations to come.