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Half Sibling DNA Test

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Half Sibling DNA Test


What Is An At Home Half Sibling Test?

A half sibling DNA test can assist you on your journey to truth by showing you the likelihood that a person shares a half sibling relationship with you. This test examines the genetic makeup of two or more people to confirm, or reject, the idea that they share a biological parent.

As an example, Jill and Mark know they have different moms, but they think they may have the same biological dad. When they submit their DNA to our lab for processing, we develop a genetic profile on both of them. What we are looking for it to see if they share enough paternal DNA to declare, or eliminate they have the same father. The conclusion we reach is based on the scientific fact that any of his biological children have been given a random 50% of his DNA.

You get 50% of your DNA from each parent, if you are paternal half siblings you would only share the portion from a shared biological father. Since Jill and Mark have different biological mother’s, if they are half siblings they will share 25% of the same DNA. Our DNA test for half siblings starts with a base of 24 genetic markers, and if we are unable to obtain a conclusive answer with those makers, we will automatically upgrade the number of loci tested, up to 46 markers, as necessary, for the strongest results on your DNA report. This is almost 50% more markers than a standard laboratory DNA test for half siblingship.

Can A DNA Test Prove We Are Half Siblings?

Our sibling DNA test is the best way to confirm or refute information you may have received from a ®, ®, or® genealogy test report . Companies that only do heritage & ancestry DNA testing can only use a limited DNA database since they have not mapped everyone in the world’s genome, and these findings will typically just indicate that you may have found a lost half brother or half sister. When you do a person to person direct half sibling test, comparing each person’s DNA against each other, using specific genetic markers, you can confirm or eliminate the probability of the relationship with total accuracy.

DNA Sibling Analysis

When conducting a DNA test, such as a half-sibling or full-sibling test, sophisticated scientific methods are used to generate a likelihood percentage depending on how many participants’ markers match or don’t match. Since we test more markers in our lab than anyone else, our sibling DNA test results are the industry’s most reliable and accurate. This is why the results we provide in our direct to consumer testing follow the same processes, and deliver trusted findings, as we provide for legal professional’s, television shows, and immigration services who work with our lab.

Types Of Sibling Testing

Testing can be done to establish full siblingship when the siblings know they have the same mother, and want to see if they have the same father, as well as for half siblingship which shows if they have the same father or are not siblings at all. DNA sibling testing will examine two potential results.

Case 1: Full Sibling Or Half Sibling DNA Test

For another example, using the two individuals we mentioned about, Jill and Mark, know they share a biological mother. They have asked us to do a full sibling DNA test to make certain that they also share the same biological dad. In cases like these we assesses the possibility that 1) Jane and John are full siblings, against second possibility that 2), Jill and Mark are half-siblings, having the mother but with a different genetic father. In this case, if we have the mother’s DNA also, we can eliminate the genetic contributions she has given both Jill and Mark, which will leave only the biological father’s DNA pattern to examine in each of them. The results will show the probability that they are full siblings. If they are not full siblings, then we know they are half siblings with a different father.

Case 2: Half Sibling or No Sibling Relationship DNA Test

As we mentioned above, Jill and Mark think they may be half siblings, having the same father. Jill has asked for the test to be done, based on a ancestry type report she received, and we sent a half sibling DNA kit has been sent to both Jill and Mark. In this expanded example, Mark also wants to include his mother Beverly in the testing. Once all the DNA samples arrive, our lab develops a genetic profile from the mouth swabs for Jill, Mark, and Mark’s mom Beverly. Mark’s DNA profile is adjusted by eliminating his mother Beverly’s DNA that was obtained from her DNA sample. Then the DNA from Jill and Mark is examined closely to determine if their DNA supports a finding of sharing the same father. As in each sibling test we do, the results on the report issued is 100% accurate as we are only looking at the DNA of those testing, unlike what happens in ancestry type testing. In this case, as happens in almost 50% of all cases we do based on ancestry reports, the two possible siblings are eliminated as being half siblings.

You can either do an at home half sibling test for peace of mind, or a legal half sibling DNA test for court or other legal purposes.

How Much Does A Half Sibling DNA Test Cost?

Our goal is to make the testing as affordable as possible for a DNA result that is 100% accurate. The price of our testing includes RUSH shipping, all collection supplies, detailed instructions, a prepaid FedEx overnight label for returning you samples*, all lab processing fees, and results in 2 business days.

Two Half Siblings – $129.00
Two Half Siblings With A Mother- $129.00
Each Additional Half Sibling – $110.00
Each Non-Standard DNA Sample – $100

Often Asked Questions About Half Sibling DNA Testing

Half Sibling DNA Test FAQ

The following percentages of DNA are shared by blood relatives.

Identical Twins share 100% of the genes
Full Siblings share 50% of the genes
Half Siblings share 25% of the genes
Grandparents/Grandchild share 25% of the genes
Aunt/Uncles -Niece/Nephew share 25% of the genes
1st Cousins share 12.5 % of the genes

A sibling DNA test is not a reliable option if there is a known cousin relationship in the case. In these situations, a paternity or maternity test with the parent in question would be the best solution. A male lineage Y-STR test for males, or an mtDNA female lineage test to look for a common female line may be a better testing option. Our Genetic Consultants can provide you with the best testing options – just give us a call at 1-855-362-5224.

We do suggest, if possible, to include at least one of the mothers. We do not charge extra if the mother’s DNA is included in the initial testing. What this does is allows our lab techs to compare the DNA mother and child, and to eliminate the DNA the mother has given to her child. After this process, the profile of that half sibling participant is from their biological father. We then compare the remaining paternal DNA from one half sibling to the paternal DNA of the other possible half sibling. The test can still be performed without the inclusion of the mother(s) if she is not available, and in these cases we will automatically upgrade the number of markers tested, at no additional charge, if needed.

Our sibling DNA testing is 100% accurate and can produce conclusive probability results. We can perform the analysis with only two or more brothers or sisters, however if possible, we recommend adding one of available known mother’s to for the strongest probability.

Half-sisters who share common biological father share more DNA on average that a half-brother and half-sister. This is due to how the X and the Y chromosome are passed down. Biological males always have an X and a Y chromosome and biological females have two X’s. This means that that fathers pass their X to their daughters and their Y to their sons. Half-sisters with a common father will have one X that they share with each other which their half-brother does not have. They always share a bit of DNA that they never share with their half-brother. However, we account for these small differences in our analysis, and can provide accurate results no matter the combination of possible siblings who are undergoing the testing process.

Yes! This is very common. Since all of our kits are custom built by the order, all you need to do is indicated you need more than one DNA collection kit when you are completing the order form. We will send all kits the same day, and will notify you when they arrive at the lab. They will be coded with the same case number for our lab techs to match after they arrive. If you are all within driving distance, a single DNA kit is all that is needed. If someone lives too far away to meet up, then they should get their own kit.

Yes, when you order a half sibling DNA test, it is assumed that the mother is not shared, but the question is do you share the father in common or not. So if you do share the father in common, then the test results will indicate the probability of the relationship. Conclusive results will provide you with the answer.