Half Sibling DNA Test

sibling DNA testing - full or half sibling

A half sibling DNA test can assist you on your journey to truth by showing you the likelihood that a person shares a half sibling relationship with you. Our half sibling DNA test is 100% accurate in the findings because it relies only on the DNA from those who are directly testing. We do recommend that whenever possible, one of the biological mother’s DNA is submitted as well, however most of our testing is done without the mother’s sample.

Half-sibs share about a quarter (25%) of the same DNA genetic code. Since you get 50% of your DNA from each parent, if you are paternal half siblings you would only share the portion from a shared biological father. Our DNA test for half siblings starts with a base of 24 genetic markers, and if we are unable to obtain a conclusive answer with those makers, we will automatically upgrade the number of loci tested, up to 46 markers, as necessary, for the strongest results on your DNA report. This is almost 50% more markers than a standard laboratory DNA test for half siblingship.

Our sibling DNA test is the best way to confirm or refute information you may have received from an Ancestry.com ®, 23andMe.com ®, or MyHeritage.com’s ® genealogy test report . Companies that only do heritage & ancestry DNA testing can only use a limited DNA database since they have not mapped everyone in the world’s genome, and these findings will typically just indicate that you may have found a lost half brother or half sister. When you do a person to person direct half sibling test, comparing each person’s DNA against each other, using specific genetic markers, we can help confirm or eliminate the probability of the relationship with total accuracy.

DNA sibling testing will examine two potential results.

Case 1: Full Sibling or Half Sibling DNA Test

For example, two people, we will call them Jane and John, know they share a biological mother. They ask us to use a full sibling DNA test to make certain that they share the same biological dad also. In cases like these we assesses the possibility that 1) Jane and John are full siblings, against second possibility that 2), Jane and John are half-siblings having the mother but with a different genetic father. In this case, if we have the mother’s DNA also, we can eliminate the genetic contributions she has given both Jane and John, which will leave only the biological father’s DNA pattern to examine in each of them.

Case 2: Half Sibling or No Sibling Relationship DNA Test

Jane and John think they may be half siblings, have the same father. They know that they do not have the same mom. John has asked for the test to be done, and a kit has been sent to both Jane and John. In this case, John also wants to include his mother in the testing. Once all the DNA samples arrive, our lab develops a genetic profile from the mouth swabs of each person. John’s DNA profile is adjusted by eliminating his mother’s DNA that was obtained from her DNA sample. They the DNA from Jane and John is examined closely to determine if their DNA supports a finding of sharing the same father. As in each sibling test we do, the results on the report issued is 100% accurate as we are only looking at the DNA of those testing, unlike what happens in ancestry type testing.

You can either do an at home half sibling test for peace of mind, or a legal half sibling DNA test for court or other legal purposes.

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