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Weather conditions from Hurricane Florence have caused service disruptions for shipping couriers.

As a result, several packages that were scheduled to arrive at our DNA testing laboratory today may not have been delivered. If the weather conditions persist, delivery of packages could be affected for the next several days causing delayed result delivery. As always, we will try to have results to our clients as quickly as possible once samples arrive.

Please note: Support tickets are answered in the order received during regular business hours, which are Monday through Friday, from 8 AM PST to 4:00 PM PST, for support tickets. We are unable to provide support on weekends and holidays as we are closed during those times. 

If you are a current Bio-Gene DNA client and have a question, please complete the support ticket below and provide as much detailed information as possible. Telephone calls for support issues to our staff will results in a referral for you to complete a support ticket for questions concerning an existing case.

Due to privacy and confidentiality regarding your case, we respond via email only to the person ordering the DNA test (the email included on the support form must match the email provided at the time of the order). We do this to help eliminate unauthorized persons from obtaining information concerning you case. Your privacy is important to us!

Our company policy prohibits the release or discussion of test results over the phone. They can only be delivered electronically.

We provide support via email only for two very important reasons:

First, we want to be certain that information is not provided to any unauthorized person. When a support ticket is completed it must contain the email address provided when the order was placed and this is the email we respond to.

Second, we keep a written record of correspondance with your case file to assist us in making certain any questions are answered and any specific needs can be met if possible. It also allows us to help lessen any issues of miscommunication.

 Our goal is to answer every support ticket within 24 hours, during regular business hours. We will answer your question in the order it was received. We have also provided a list of common questions below to assist you in obtaining the answers you need is the shortest possible time.

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