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Legal Grandparent DNA Test

Our Legal Grandparent DNA Test includes one possible grandparent, one grandchild, and the mother (if available). It also includes the professional DNA collection, and results in just 2 business days.

Legal Grandparent DNA Test

A legal DNA grandparentage test is done to establish whether a child is a biological grandchild of the alleged grandparent(s). The grandparent test is usually performed when a child’s alleged father is not available for paternity testing. A legal grandparent test is often used to establish indirect paternity for a court case such as child support and Social Security benefits. It can also be used for probate questions, immigration cases, and when necessary, legal guardianship for the child(ren).

If you do not need the results for legal reasons, we suggest you consider our at home grandparent DNA test. The results are the same, and the lab performs the same testing, as a legal test. However, since there has not been legal proof of who was tested, determined by a chain of custody, the results are not considered legally admissible.

How much is a legal grandparent test?

The total cost for this testing is $299.00. Professional DNA collection at an approved, and trained, DNA collector is included. Once the lab has received the DNA samples, results are court ready in just 2 business days. The result we provide are 100% accurate, as they are based on the DNA of those testing.

Can a legal grandparent DNA test be done if we live in different cities?

Yes. We can coordinate different appointments at different collection sites in different locations.

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