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Grandparent DNA test

Louisiana Approved Grandparent DNA Test


100% Accurate Results

The principle of this category of test is to establish paternity (in most cases) when the suspected father is not able to submit a specimen for DNA testing to determine if a child of the grandparents is the father of a child(ren). Each state has distinct laws regarding paternity, and what testing is allowed. If you want to learn more about the paternity laws in Louisiana please go to PATERNITY LAWS.

A Home Grandparent Test Kit In Louisiana Has No Restrictions, Unlike Some Other States.

A DNA grandparent test can be conducted for either peace-of-mind, or for judicial or other other legal reasons. There is no change in the outcome in Louisiana, due to the ridgid criteria required by our partner AABB accredited laboratory. DNA findings from home kits may not be recognized in a judicial setting however, because there is no objective confirmation of whose DNA was taken. When a chain-of-custody DNA test is done, the DNA samples are collected by a qualified professional collector who can verify the identity of those being tested. Most of the time when a paternity test with a grandparent is done, it is for personal knowledge information. A legal grandparent test will be needed, however, apply for Social Security benefits for a child, have a estate issue, or for immigration reasons. It also may be of interest to know that the I.R.S. has been requiring some tax filers to prove the relationship of their dependents by the use of DNA testing.

How Is The DNA Collected?

DNA is collected with buccal (cheek) swabs and is actually more accurate than using a blood sample for DNA testing. You will receive detailed directions for collecting samples inside the Journey Genetic Testing grandparent test kit. The entire process will take less than 15 minutes, and they you can return it to our lab in the prepaid FedEx overnight package included as part of your kit.

To learn more about this test, including processing times and cost, please click on GRANDPARENT DNA TEST.