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Prenatal Paternity Test

AABB Accredited Test

Includes one mother, one suspected father, prenatal collection kit, prepaid overnight return label, lab processing and 100% accurate results.

You Don’t Need To Wait Until Childbirth To Learn The Truth.

Paternity test while pregnant

Our advanced Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test, often known as a NIPP test, will identify the father of a child as soon as 7 weeks into pregnancy with the highest degree of accuracy. Seven (7) weeks is the earliest to ensure enough fetal DNA is floating in your blood sample to get an accurate result. Don’t be misled by advertising that promises accurate results if you are between 4 – 7 weeks pregnant. Science doesn’t support enough genetic material from the fetus to be able to tell who the father is.

This is the most reliable and advanced prenatal paternity test available, using trace DNA extraction techniques to screen for fetal DNA in the mother’s bloodstream. It’s safer and easier than old, more invasive techniques such as amniocentesis. The alleged father’s DNA is collected with a mouth swab, and the mother’s DNA sample is a simple blood draw.

Our procedure is 100% safe, noninvasive, and guaranteed accurate.

  • Accuracy Guaranteed – Every test is run twice before releasing the results so you know they are accurate every time.
  • Noninvasive – 100% safe for mother and baby with no added risks to the pregnancy. 
  • Testing Laboratory in the USA – There is always a risk when sending DNA samples outside of a regulated USA laboratory as there is no guarantee as to the testing regulations in place. We strongly recommend that you ask exactly where your DNA is being tested. 
  •  AABB Accredited Testing Lab – This accreditation is the most important criteria when selecting a DNA laboratory. Our partner lab is AABB accredited.
  • No Hidden Costs – Everything is fully disclosed prior to ordering. Don’t be caught by surprise for extra fees for providing you results.

Non – Invasive Test versus Traditional Invasive Test

Non-Invasive Test (NIPP)Invasive Test
DNA Sample CollectionStandard maternal blood sample (2 tubes)Amniotic fluid extracted from the womb
RisksNo-risk to mother or fetusPossible damage to the fetus, possible leakage of amniotic fluid, risk of a miscarriage.
Side effectsNo side effects
slight discomfort during blood draw
Pain, fevers, chills, cramping. Risk of Infection is higher with this procedure. Know to cause excessive pain in some cases.
Time required5 minutes for a blood draw.Generally 60 minutes or longer. Medical appoint necessary. Some facilities are not doing elective procedures during pandemic.
Who collects the DNA samplesNurse, phlebotomistOBGyn or licensed physician

How Prenatal Paternity Testing Works

During pregnancy, an expecting mother shares everything with the fetus, including trace amounts of DNA. As nutrients and oxygen are exchanged from the mother to the child across the placenta, small amounts of fetal DNA travel the other way to circulate in the mother’s bloodstream.

cheap non-invasive prenatal paternity test

By using advanced DNA isolation techniques, our labs analyze that trace DNA, and compare it to a DNA sample (mouth swab) from a potential father. Unlike amniocentesis or other methods of prenatal DNA sampling, this noninvasive procedure poses no risk of complication or miscarriage, because the blood sample is taken from the mother’s arm. 

How Much Does A Prenatal Paternity Test Cost?

We understand that our non-invasive prenatal paternity test may be the most important test you will ever take. We are transparent with our pricing. Results are delivered upon completion of the test. Don’t be misled by some companies offering low payment plans with promises of results before the cost of the test is paid in full. You will not receive verifiable results until you have paid the entire amount due, and at a much higher cost than we provided.

This includes RUSH shipping of the collection kit to either you or the person/clinic/health care professional of your choice, overnight shipping of the DNA samples to our laboratory, all lab processing fees, and delivery of the test results in 5-7 business days. The cost of the blood draw and mouth swab, if any, is the responsibility of the person having the testing performed.  

Number Of People TestingCost
Mother and suspected father (Results in 5-7 days)$1,175.00
Expedited processing$250
Each suspected father (must be tested at same time)$250
Gender test (must be done at same time as NIPP)$75
Chain of custody documentation (allows test to be legally admissible)$50

Your Non-Invasive Pregnancy Paternity Test Includes:

• USPS Priority shipping of the DNA kit
• The kit which contains blood collection supplies and any required forms
• Mouth swabs and specimen envelope for alleged father
• A prepaid overnight FedEx biohazard shipping pak which enables quick arrival of samples
• Laboratory analysis
• The result of your DNA test. Note: Legal results require a chain of custody and a third party, not related to any individual testing, to collect the samples and complete the required documents.

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