Legal sibling testing will verify full, 1/2 or no sibling relationship with a Journey Genetic Testing legal sibling test. AABB and ISO accredited testing laboratory.

Legal Sibling DNA Test Order

Do you need to prove for any legal reason that you are full siblings, or half siblings? Legal DNA sibling test will verify the relationship between two or more individuals to assess if they are biologically related as full siblings, half siblings, or not related as siblings. Legal sibling testing can also be used to provide reliable indirect paternity testing when the suspected father is deceased, or unavailable. A legal sibling test is usually used in court for child support, to establish who the father is for Social Security benefits, or probate issues.

Our home sibling DNA test kit provides the exact same answer, and is processed in lab the same way, as legal sibling testing is. However, since no chain of custody is obtained to prove legally who took the test, it is not admissible in court. If you do not need a legally admissible test, and just want to know the truth, with 100% accuracy, then our at home sibling test kit may be the choice for your situation.

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