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Y-Chromosome (Y-STR) DNA Test – $199.00

What is included: A 22 marker Y-chromosome DNA test, USPS Priority shipping of a Bio-Gene DNA collection kit, detailed collection instructions, a prepaid UPS overnight return mailer for your DNA samples (USA addresses only), lab processing fees, and 100% accurate results from our AABB accredited testing laboratory.

Who is included: Two male donors. Other males who want to know if they share male lineage may be added at an additional cost as shown on the order form.

When you will receive it: USPS Priority mail arrives within the USA in 2-3 business days.

If you need to send a kit to more than one address: You have the option of sending additional testing kits to other addresses if needed. Each additional kit is $9.95 and includes USPS Priority shipping, collection materials, instructions, and a prepaid overnight UPS return mailer for the samples. If you wish to send more than one kit please indicate this on the order form.

When your results be ready: 3-5 business days after the lab receives all of the DNA samples.

If you don’t want a kit mailed to your home or you are in a rush and don’t want to wait for a kit to arrive: We offer the option to make your own DNA kit to allow you to be discreet if your circumstances call for that. Just select the “Make Your Own Kit” option on the order form and we will email you the instructions, your case number, and the address to send your samples to. The lab processing time is the same as with our Bio-Gene DNA collection kit.

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