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How Accurate Is A Paternity Test?

Most accurate paternity test

Our paternity test is 100% accurate. You will always have a “YES” or “NO” from our paternity test. A conclusive result can be obtained with just the suspected father and child, if you do not wish to use the mother’s DNA as well. If you choose to include the mother, we do not charge an additional fee for her participation if her DNA sample is sent in at the same time as the other specimens for testing. Without her participation, the probability of paternity from our laboratory can be 99.99% and higher. With her participation, the probability increases to 99.999% and higher. As a point of reference, the threshold for legal establishment of paternity is 97% probability or higher.

The paternity testing we offer based on DNA has become the most accepted method for proof of biological relationship. We have had thousands of DNA samples tested for paternity by attorneys, doctors, and private individuals due to our level of accuracy and reputation.

DNA testing begins as soon as all samples needed for testing arrive at the lab. When one DNA sample arrives before other samples that are being tested, it is stored in an environmentally controlled area until all samples arrive. After this, they are then matched together, and provided to the laboratory technicians, to begin the process of extracting and amplifying the DNA strands. This is done with the most current and technologically advanced equipment to accelerate the testing process. Samples arriving by 10:00 AM EST begin processing the same day. We will provide you email notification that testing is underway once the process begins.

Results are delivered by email in ONE business day after all sample have arrived at the lab*. There is no additional cost for this expedited service.

*Please note: if we are testing something other than a mouth swab for the paternity test, a viability test will be performed prior to regular testing for paternity, to make certain sufficient DNA can be found for performing the test. Viability testing can take 2-5 business days to complete.