Prenatal Non-Invasive Paternity DNA Test – $999.00

cheap prenatal paternity test

Money Back Guarantee

Our prenatal paternity test is guaranteed 100% accurate or we will refund your money.

Choose the legally admissible option (no extra charge!) and if you have an AABB accredited legal paternity test performed within 90 days of the birth that proves a different result we will refund your money. We guarantee accuracy!

How does a prenatal paternity test work?

The biological father of the child can be determined by a simple blood draw from the mother and a mouth swab from the alleged father. Professional experienced lab technicians separate fetal DNA from the mother’s DNA to create a DNA profile for the fetus. The fetus’ DNA profile is then tested against the alleged father’s DNA profile. This test can be performed as early as 8 weeks of gestation.

How accurate are prenatal paternity test results?

This Non-Invasive Prenatal test utilizes the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), to generate results. This technology will examine 2,688 SNP (pronounced snip) markers in the DNA to develop the data used to calculate whether or not the alleged father is the biological father of the fetus.

The report format will clearly indicate whether the alleged father is included or excluded as the biological father of the fetus.

Are the results able to be used in court?

Yes, if you choose the legally admissible option. While the results of the private and legal test are EXACTLY the same, a legal test requires verification of the identify of both the mother and suspected father, a third party who is not related to them to witness the collection, and legally admissible paperwork such as a chain of custody form.

The results are so accurate they can be used in court as proof of the paternity relationship!

How long does it take to get the results?

5 working days in most cases. Processing starts as soon as they arrive to the lab via UPS Overnight delivery, which we provide as part of the testing fee.

How much does a prenatal paternity test cost?

The process to extract the fetal DNA, the mother’s DNA, and the suspected father’s DNA is very involved and requires very specialized equipment. The cost is more than a paternity test that is performed after a child is born, however there as many benefits to knowing with certainty who the father is prior to the birth. We have provided a list of companies that offer this service and the prices they charge. We have listed only labs in the USA due to concerns about unregulated testing in other countries, issues with customs when sending blood samples, and consumer comments.

  • Simple blood draw for the mother and a painless mouth swab for the suspected father
  • No risk to mom or fetus using the non-invasive testing method
  • Private and confidential – we never retain your personal information
  • Testing is performed in an AABB accredited lab
  • Results can be used in court if necessary when the chain of custody is completed

Prenatal Non-Invasive Paternity Cost Comparison

Company Cost
Bio-Gene DNA Testing $1,099
DNA Diagnostics $1,645
Any Lab Test Now $1,599
Easy DNA $1,590
Identigene $1,600+
DNA Services of America $1,625
RavGen  $1,650+

Commonly Asked Questions

Our prenatal non-invasive paternity test is as accurate as our standard paternity test. The results we provide for private testing or legal testing are the same, and since the test results can be used in court for identifying the biological father if you want, you can be assured that you can trust the results.
Of course! Many of our clients prefer to use their own OB/GYN to do the blood draw as they already have a relationship established with them, however if you would like to have us provide a list of suggested locations for the blood draw we are happy to do so. We have a collection network of over 1,500 sites in the USA. When you complete the order form just indicate you would like us to send you a list of locations and we will include it in the collection kit we send to you.

Once we receive your order we will send to you the Prenatal Paternity DNA Collection Kit. You would take this kit to the lab to have them draw two small vials of blood from the mother. If you wish to have a legally admissible test done you would also have the suspected father’s mouth swab done at the same time and provide proof of identity, otherwise you can collect his swab at home.

The kit contains bio-hazard packaging (blood is considered a bio-hazard) and a prepaid overnight mailer to our testing lab. Processing begins as soon as the lab has the samples. The results should be available in 8-10 working days.

Detailed instructions are included in every kit, and Bio-Gene DNA Genetic Consultants are available to assist you through the process if needed.

8 weeks. We do not perform this testing earlier than 8 weeks as there is not enough fetal development to draw an accurate conclusion.

We specialize in privacy for our clients. When a review is posted online reliable companies require the name and email of those posting reviews. Most of our clients prefer not to have their name listed as having performed DNA testing to protect their privacy. We will not post false reviews or change the names of those who write to us with compliments as we do not think that is ethical.

We work with a network of attorneys and health care professionals, as well as adoption agencies throught the United States. Under HIPPA requirements they also cannot release information about their clients.

You may find some reviews online, and if you do, you can be certain they are not created by us, paid for by us, or in any violation of HIPPA rules.

Our partner lab is AABB accredited and is the most accredited and respected DNA testing lab in the world for prenatal testing and why we have joined together to offer this testing to Bio-Gene DNA clients.

You will be provided a secure page that only you can view to keep you updated on your testing progress. This is password protected. When the results are ready to view they will be posted here in a PDF file for you to view, download, and print if you like. If you are having a legal test done we will also mail a hard copy to you in about 10 business days via USPS First Class mail.
Very! We protect your privacy in every way we can, and will never discuss your case with anyone without your permission. We do not release the results to anyone but you, and we do not use your information for any other reason. After 6 months your records are deleted from our system for further privacy.

At this time we can not use this test for the following:

o Incest cases

o Related alleged father’s unless both are willing to be tested

o Twins or Multiple Fetuses

A small fee paid to the lab for the blood draw is all that is required. While the cost does vary depending on your area, the average price nation wide is about $20.00.

Why Is Establishing Paternity Important?

Establishing paternity is important to ensure a child’s well being. It can also help protect his or her future.

Determining a biological relationship is important for several reasons:

  • To establish  legal and social benefits, including social security, veteran’s, and inheritance benefits.
  • Provides an accurate medical history for the child, giving the healthcare provider additional insight during diagnosis and in managing the child’s health.
  • Strengthens the bond between biological individuals, such as father and child.

If you are pregnant, most states have laws that require an Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) form to be completed at the hospital to legally establish who the father is. After the AOP is signed, couples have a limited amount of time, depending on the state, to request DNA paternity test and amend the AOP. This form is filed with the Bureau of Vital Statistics and is a legally binding document.

If the time allowed for amending this form expires, the father listed as the AOP and birth certificate could be held legally responsible for the child, even if he later proves he is not the biological father.

Some states require an unmarried couple to have a paternity test to list a father’s name on the birth certificate. If the mother is married to someone other than the father of the child, the husband can be presumed to be the father and listed on the birth certificate as the legal father, unless otherwise disputed by a paternity test.

If you need a paternity test to ensure the right man is named as the father, call Bio-Gene DNA Testing at 1-844-246-4363.


*This test is available in New York with a physician’s order or attorney request.