Prenatal DNA Testing

prenatal test

Our laboratory tests more than 300,000 markers plus the standard paternity loci at only 7 weeks. Results are available between 3-5 business days after receiving your DNA samples.

The recent discovery of the presence of fetal cells in maternal blood now offers a new approach using a non-invasive prenatal paternity diagnosis. By analyzing  individual DNA profiles based on sets of specific markers, the laboratory is able to compare a fetal DNA profile with the genetic DNA profiles of the mother and alleged fathers to determine paternity prior to the child’s birth.

Analysis of DNA from fetal cells in maternal blood samples is a screening test that is a non-invasive prenatal procedure and poses no risks to the mother or the fetus.

Why let the question of uncertain paternity create a stressful pregnancy when Bio-Gene DNA offers an affordable prenatal paternity test. Please call 1-844-BIO-GENE (246-4363) for a personalized and confidential consultation with a professional.


Upon receiving your order we will send you a complete Prenatal DNA Testing kit containing the following:

A) Alleged father(s) sample collection materials. Use the enclosed swabs and directions to collect DNA samples from one or more potential fathers.There is no extra cost for any number of samples. We offer full confidentiality. The mother can submit discreet samples from the alleged father(s) without asking his consent (toothbrush, hair, cigarette butts, earwax, razor, chewing gum, nail clippings, blood, used tissue) if you would prefer. We advise that you collect these samples as soon as possible. They are usually viable for several weeks.

B) Maternal sample collection tubes. In the package is a special blood collection kit, with the specialized collection tubes to be used for this purpose. You will take this kit to a lab near you for a venous blood sample from your arm. Our testing lab will arrange a convenient location for you to attend once you receive your kit, and drawing the sample only takes a few minutes. The cost of the blood draw is paid directly to the lab or technician performing the service. This nominal fee is separate from the lab processing fee. The plasma portion is rich in fetal DNA, which is stabilized and preserved in our special collection system. This fetal DNA is matched against the paternal DNA and yields a conclusive result.

C) Pre-paid overnight return shipping container. In our package is a pre-paid, pre-addressed courier pouch. The DNA samples will be returned to the lab after the collected blood has been centrifuged to separate the maternal red blood cells from the plasma.Place all the samples as well as any documents in the pouch, and call the toll free number to have a courier service pick it up and deliver it to us overnight. In most cases the lab where you have your blood draw taken will handle this for you.

3 to 5 days later we will contact you with the results. Our testing laboratory has all procedures and paternity results verified by PhD trained staff and each test is run twice to ensure accuracy.

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Our testing facility is the recognized world leader in non-invasive DNA prenatal paternity determination. Tests can be done no matter where the parties live and we can handle all the details. 

How the process works – Connecting the DNA from the fetus and the father(s)


Fetal cellsDNA samples (buccal swabs or discrete samples) are collected from the presumed biological parents and compared to the fetal DNA obtained from the plasma portion of the small amounts of venous blood sample from the mother at only 7 weeks of gestation. The results of the test will prove:

  • The presumed biological parents are indeed the genetic parents of the fetus
  • The absence of any surrogate genetic link to the fetus
  • The certified documents prepared by our testing lab will help speed up the birth certificate process and provide assurances to all parties.