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Prenatal Non-Invasive Paternity DNA Test – $899

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How does a prenatal paternity test work?

The biological father of the child can be determined by a simple blood draw from the mother and a mouth swab from the alleged father. Professional experienced lab technicians separate fetal DNA from the mother’s DNA to create a DNA profile for the fetus. The fetus’ DNA profile is then tested against the alleged father’s DNA profile. This test can be performed as early as 8 weeks of gestation.

How accurate are prenatal paternity test results?

This Non-Invasive Prenatal test utilizes the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), to generate results. This technology will examine over 2,500 SNP (pronounced snip) markers in the DNA to develop the data used to calculate whether or not the alleged father is the biological father of the fetus.

The report format will clearly indicate whether the alleged father is included or excluded as the biological father of the fetus.

Are the results able to be used in court?

Yes, if you choose the legally admissible option. While the results of the private and legal test are EXACTLY the same, a legal test requires verification of the identify of both the mother and suspected father, a third party who is not related to them to witness the collection, and legally admissible paperwork such as a chain of custody form.

The results are so accurate they can be used in court as proof of the paternity relationship!

How long does it take to get the results?

5 working days in most cases. Processing starts as soon as they arrive to the lab via UPS Overnight delivery, which we provide as part of the testing fee.

How much does a prenatal paternity test cost?

The process to extract the fetal DNA, the mother’s DNA, and the suspected father’s DNA is very involved and requires very specialized equipment. The cost is more than a paternity test that is performed after a child is born, however there as many benefits to knowing with certainty who the father is prior to the birth.

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Prenatal Paternity FAQ’s

We have over 3,000 sites in the USA that are part of our testing laboratories recommended collection network and we always refer you to the location or locations closest to you to contact for your blood draw. You may also use your own physician or lab if you are more comfortable using someone you know. We want to make it as easy for you as possible!
No, we are able to obtain the necessary DNA profile for the examination from a mouth swab from the suspected father. All of the materials are included in the Prenatal DNA Kit.
Yes. We understand that this is a very private matter that you may not want anyone else to know about. All kits are sent via USPS Priority mail with a tracking number and the return address shows our Ancestry Division for the return address.
We are unable to process alternative samples for the alleged father(s). We do provide buccal swabs in each kit.
Your results are delivered quickly and privately to your secure client page. Only someone with the password you create will be able to view information on your account, including the results.
Yes, just indicate that information on the order form and we will send a buccal collection kit to the suspected father(s) and a blood draw kit for the mother. All kits include a prepaid overnight mailer to return the samples to the lab.
No. The only additional cost you may incur is a small collection or draw fee when the sample is taken, depending on where that collection takes place.
Your kit should arrive within 2-3 business days. All kits are shipped USPS Priority mail and you will be provided a tracking number so you know where it is at all times.
All prenatal testing is performed in our partner lab, under contract to Bio-Gene DNA. For prenatal paternity testing, DNA Diagnostics has contracted with us to perform this service for our clients. This allows us to keep our cost lower to you as we do not have to duplicate equipment or staff.

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Testing is not available in New York without either a physician’s Rx or an attorney request. 

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