How Accurate Is A Sibling DNA Test?

How accurate is a sibling dna test?

We guarantee our sibling DNA test results to be 100% accurate. Unlike other types of DNA testing, such as ancestry mapping, we compare each person’s DNA with each other. There are some DNA companies that state their testing is 99% accurate, rather than 100%. It is important to understand the difference, as you should always have a test result that is as accurate as possible, as these findings are often life changing results.

A paternity or maternity test is an “exclusionary” test, meaning a simple yes or no to the question in almost every single case. A DNA sibling test, rather than a yes or no, determines the statistical probability that two or more persons are or are not biologically related as full and/or half brother and sisters. This probability is expressed on the testing report as a percentage ranging from 0% to 99.99%+. This is because we are not testing the DNA of the suspected father (or mother in the case of a maternity test) directly.

When we issue a DNA report to you, the probability of that relationship, as stated on the report, is 100% accurate, whatever the finding is. The testing process that is used for our DNA samples is the exact sample process, and the same findings, for both our legal testing and our at home tests. Legal DNA test reports are unable to be submitted into evidence in court if they are not

  1. From an AABB accredited lab;
  2. Known to follow the procedures and methods necessary to produce results that are 100% reliable and correct. Our testing results fit both of these requirements, for all DNA test we perform.

In our sibling DNA testing process, we begin with a base of 24 genetic markers. If we are not able to obtain a strong enough finding at that level we will automatically upgrade your test, up to 46 markers if necessary, until the lab is satisfied that the strongest result has been obtained. Sibling DNA test results are always reviewed by a Ph.D., who verifies the conclusion and signs the report.

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