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Tennessee Approved Avuncular DNA Test


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What Is A Tennessee Approved Avuncular DNA Test?

The scope of this type of genetic examination is to determine paternity (in most cases) when the potential father is not accessible for DNA testing to determine if a child is the niece or nephew of a possible aunt or uncle. If the result is positive, this would indicate that their brother is the father of the child(ren). Each state has various laws regarding paternity, and what testing is permitted. If you want to learn more about the paternity laws in Tennessee please go to PATERNITY LAWS.

A Home Avuncular Test Kit In Tennessee Has No Restraints, Unlike Some Other States.

An aunt or uncle DNA test can be completed for either personal knowledge, or for judicial or other other legal reasons. There is no difference in the DNA report in Tennessee, due to the stringent criteria required by our partner AABB accredited laboratory. DNA findings from home kits may not be accepted in court however, because there is no unbiased demonstation of whose DNA was provided. When a chain-of-custody DNA test is completed, the DNA specimens are collected by a trained professional collector who can substantiate the identity of those being tested. Most of the time when an avuncular test is done, it is for personal knowledge reasons. A legal avuncular test will be needed, however, apply for Social Security benefits for a child, have a probate issue, or for immigration reasons. It also may be of interest to know that the I.R.S. has been requesting some tax filers to validate their dependents by the use of DNA testing.

The DNA results produced by an aunt or uncle DNA test will show the probability of relation. As an example of comparing this test to other relationship DNA studies, siblings share 50% of their DNA, and a niece or nephew share approximately 25% of their DNA with their aunt or uncle. Our AABB accredited partner laboratory will begin the DNA test looking at 24 genetic markers. If a strong enough finding cannot be determined, your test will be upgraded to test additional markers, up to 46, as the lab deems necessary. There is no added cost for the upgrade as we just want to ensure your results are the strongest possible.

How Is The DNA Collected?

DNA collection is done with buccal (cheek) swabs and is actually more accurate than using a blood sample for DNA testing. There areWe provide detailed instructions for collecting samples inside the Journey Genetic Testing avuncular test kit. The entire process will take less than 15 minutes, and they you can return it to our lab in the prepaid FedEx overnight package included as part of your kit.

To learn more about this test, including processing times and cost, please click on AVUNCULAR DNA TEST.