How Accurate Is A Twin Zygosity Test?

how accurate is a twin dna test

The only way of knowing if two or more multiples are identical is by doing a zygosity DNA test. Our twin Zygosity DNA test will determine if your twins are identical (monozygotic) or fraternal (dizygotic). The results of this test are 100% accurate, giving you a clear yes or no answer to this question.

While the testing is 100% accurate, and will give you a definite answers, that doesn’t mean that identical twins don’t share 100% of their DNA. Sound confusing? Let look at why we say this. Identical twins form from the same egg, and they get the same genetic material from both mom and dad , but that doesn’t mean they’re genetically identical by the time they’re born.

Monozygotic twins may pick up what are called genetic mutations in the womb. These mutations are nothing to be concerned about. This terms means that as their cells create and blend new strands of DNA they split into more and more cells. It is estimated that, on average, a pair of twins have genomes that differ by an average of 5.2 mutations that occur early in development. They share enough DNA to be called identical, even with the slight mutations.

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