How Long Does Twin DNA Testing Take?

how long does a twin zygosity test take?

Testing for Twin Zygosity can begin once the DNA samples arrive at the lab. If samples are being sent from more than one location, testing begins when the last sample arrives. We send you an email notification that all samples have been received, and that testing has started.

Twin Zygosity DNA test results are usually available in just 1 business days. This means if we start testing on a Monday, your results should be ready and sent to you on Tuesday, by the end of business. While uncommon, there are some circumstances that may case a slight delay in this time frame. A delay may occur if:

  • extended testing is needed to examine more genetic markers (this does not happen often);
  • you have sent something other than a mouth swab for DNA testing which requires a viability test before regular testing can begin.

Your identical twin DNA test samples are always run twice to verify the DNA profiles being reported before the results are issued. Twin Zygosity test results are reviewed, and confirmed, by a lab Ph.D., who is required to sign the results report. It is only after all of this that the report is to sent you. A report that is not reviewed, or signed, by a Ph.D. in genetics, whether for private results or a court ordered test, is something we will not provide and we would not trust those results.

The report with answer as to if your twins or triplets are identical or fraternal will be 100% accurate. We do not guarantee a specific result, only accurate ones.

Your results will be sent to the email address on your order form in a .pdf format. All reports are written in easy to understand language. If you want a permanent copy of the report, you can either print the .pdf copy, or you may order a printed copy mailed to you when you place your order.

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