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Need help? We’re here for you. We suggest checking our frequently asked questions section, which can be found by clicking DNA FAQs. If your question isn’t answered there, please complete the Support Ticket below.

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Please select the options below based on your case. We believe that almost all of your questions on your case will be able to answered below. 

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please continue on to complete the Support Ticket below. If the question on your Support Ticket is one of the same questions listed, the response you will receive will be the same, or similar to what you will find here. 

We thank you for the opportunity to learn the truth through DNA testing.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My DNA Kit After I Order?

DNA test orders are fulfilled and shipped Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. observed holidays. Orders received by 3:00 PM EST generally will ship the same day. You will be emailed a tracking number to the email address on your order form from either or with your tracking number(s).

If you are shipping to an address in the U.S.A. then, in most cases, the kit arrives in 2-3 business days. The kit ships USPS Priority mail. The average time to receive the kit depends on your zip code, however, Please use the tracking number sent to your email to determine the date the kit is estimated to arrive.

If you are shipping a kit to a location outside of the U.S.A., your kit will be shipped by USPS First Class International. Please allow approximately 10+ business days to arrive, as it must also clear Customs in both countries.

I Have Not Received A Tracking Number For My Order

Tracking numbers are automatically generated and sent to the email address provided on your order form. Your tracking information is sent via email by either or Please check your email, including your spam/junk/bulk mail folder if you do not see this email in your inbox. Please note that we do not ship on weekends or holidays, so no emails should be expected then. If your order was not placed until after 3:00 PM EST on a Monday through Friday, you will most likely receive your confirmation until sometime the next business day. The emails with tracking information may arrive anytime during the day prior to 8:00 PM PST.

I Chose The Make Your Own Kit (MYOK) Option And Have Not Received An Email With My Case Number Yet.

MYOK orders are all reviewed by a live person during our regular business hours. Emails are then generated after this manual review. These emails are send Monday through Friday, anytime during the day prior to 8:00 PM PST. MYOK emails are not send after business hours, on weekends, or U.S. holidays.

The email address to which your MYOK information will be sent is the email address This email is only used to send the MYOK letters. If you believe you should have received your information, please check your spam/junk/bulk mail folder before contacting us.

I Need To Make A Change To My Order

We understand that things can change after placing your order. While the order itself is non-refundable, you can change the name of a person being tested at no charge prior to sending the DNA samples to the lab. If you send a DNA sample for someone not listed on your order form and do not notify us before the lab receives the DNA samples, there will be a fee of $25.00 to make this change. If you need to change the type of test you are doing, for example, change a paternity test to a sibling test, the fee to do that is $25.00 plus the difference in the cost of the test. If you are changing the type of test for a test that normally is less expensive, there is no refund for the difference.

If this is what you need to do, please complete the Support Ticket on this webpage and indicate the type of change you want to make and the names of those now testing. We will email you with instructions for payment of the additional fee. Please note that your DNA samples will not be tested until any outstanding fees due are paid in full.

My DNA kit Was Damaged In Delivery And Cannot Be Used. How Do I Get A Replacement?

If your kit arrived damaged, we understand and share in your frustration. We will send a replacement kit at no additional charge if you will provide us with photos of the damaged kit. These photos can be taken with a mobile device and must include evidence of damage to the USPS outer envelope, damage to the collection kit and FedEx mailer (if provided), and show the address shipped to and case number (on the back of the collection envelopes. Please email this evidence to You must notify us, and provide the photos, within 48 hours of when the USPS shows the kit was delivered. We will then review the photos and send a new kit if needed. Please do not throw the damaged kit away as we may ask for it to be returned to us. If you discard the kit, you will not be eligible for a free replacement kit. Please allow two business days to review and prepaid a new kit to be sent, when eligible.

If the kit was damaged after delivery by the USPS (they put damaged packages in a plastic folder before delivering), for example, dropped or something spilled on it, you will need to order a replacement kit by clicking ORDER A REPLACEMENT DNA KIT.

My Tracking Number Shows My Kit Was Delivered, But I Can't Find It.

We send our kits to addresses in the U.S.A. using USPS Priority Mail with tracking to be able to determine the time and location the kits are delivered. The USPS scans the labels at the exact address they deliver the kit(s) to. This allows geo-tracking to ensure proper delivery. If the USPS shows the kit was delivered to your address, and you do not believe you have it, please do the following:

1. Check your mailbox or the place your mail is usually delivered. The USPS Priority envelopes are 9" x 12" and fit inside a mailbox.

2. Check with the USPS office that delivers to your address using the USPS tracking number you were originally emailed. They can then determine if they have misdelivered, and can retrieve your package and redeliver.

3. Journey Genetic Testing is not responsible for lost or stolen kits. If the USPS verifies that it was indeed delivered to your address, and it was not damaged during delivery, you may order a replacement DNA kit by CLICKING HERE.

I Have A Question About How To Collect The DNA Sample

Please see our step-by-step directions by clicking on How To Collect A DNA Sample.

There is no minimum or maximum age to collect a mouth swab sample. Please note that we are seeking to have you collect the DNA cells on the cheek and gum of the mouth, not saliva. Please make certain the swabs are air-dried before placing them into the envelope. NEVER put the DNA samples into a plastic "zip-lock" style baggie. Ensure the collection envelopes are completed properly and reflect the name and the relationship of those being tested, not the person collecting the DNA sample.

Can I Send Something Other Than A Mouth Swab To Be Tested?

Anything other than a mouth swab is a non-standard, or alternative, DNA sample. While we can send an alternative DNA sample, there is an additional fee to do so, per sample. For example, if you want to send a toothbrush and nail clippings for the same person, that counts as TWO non-standard samples.

You can send a mouth swab for one person and an alternative sample for the other person. The additional fee is required to perform a viability test on the sample prior to regular testing. If a non-standard sample arrives at the lab prior to being ordered and paid for, the sample will be discarded upon receipt.

You can learn more about alternative DNA samples at WHAT CAN I TEST FOR DNA.

You can add a non-standard standard sample to be tested to your order before it is sent to the lab by clicking ADD AN ALTERNATIVE DNA SAMPLE.

I Have A Question About How To Complete A Form That Came With My Kit

If you received a sibling analysis rider in your kit, that means you are doing a sibling test. Only the primary sibling will receive this form. One form should be completed for each pair testing if more than two siblings are being tested.

For example: Jane Doe is tested to see if she is a half sibling with John Doe. Jane is listed as the first sibling, John the second, and the box is selected showing they do not have the same mother.

If Jane is testing against two siblings, then Jane completed two forms with her name on each, and the sibling she is testing against on the second line. Then depending on if they are testing for full siblings (sharing the same mother) or half siblings (only seeing if they have the same father), the appropriate box is checked.

Sibling testing with multiple siblings always tests a primary sibling against the other siblings. If it is desired to have each sibling test against each other, additional testing fees will apply.

If you are submitting non-standard, or alternative DNA samples (something other than a mouth swab) we do require a completed Non-Standard Sample Rider to be completed and sent with the DNA samples. 

Please DO NOT put any documents in the same collection envelope as the swabs. Place them only in the main envelope where your samples are also placed. This way we can see them prior to opening the DNA samples. 

I Want To Change The Names Of One Of The People Being Tested

We will change the name of a person testing, prior to sending the kit to the lab at no charge. If a different name is listed on the DNA sample arriving at the lab than what is listed on the order form, there is a fee of $25.00 to change the name. You may pay this administrative fee by CLICKING HERE.

I Want To Change The Type Of Test I Ordered

Changing the type of test can only be done prior to the lab beginning to test, there is a fee of $25.00 to change the test type. If the cost of the new test is more than what was paid, you will be sent an electronic invoice for the difference. No refund will be made if the new test requested costs less originally. Please complete the Support Ticket on this page with the information to change and you will be emailed with instructions for the change.

I Damaged My DNA Collection Kit. How Do I Get Another One?

You may order a replacement DNA test kit HERE.

I am Sending My DNA Samples To The Lab Without A Prepaid Label. What Is The Address I Should Send Them To?

Please list the address exactly as shown below. Make certain your case number is on all DNA collection envelopes. We strongly suggest sending your kit by a carrier with a tracking number. The responsibility to ensure the DNA samples arrive belongs to the person sending them.


How Long Does It Take For My Samples To Arrive At The Lab?

If you are returning your DNA samples to the lab using a prepaid FedEx label that was provided by us (U.S.A. addresses only) the label is an overnight label. This means that if you give the envelope to FedEx before their pick-up time for that day (Monday through Thursday) it should arrive at the lab by 4:00 PM EST the next day. Exceptions to this delivery schedule can occur depending on weather or pandemic-related issues that hinder FedEx's delivery schedule. If this happens in your case, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, we have no responsibility to guarantee a specific delivery time frame as this is handled by a third party.

If you are not using a label we provided, please check with the company that you used to ship your samples. They can provide you with the best estimate of delivery time.

My Tracking Number Shows The Lab Received The DNA Samples. Why Haven't I Received My Email Confirmation?

Confirmation emails are sent once all samples as indicated on the order form arrive at the lab. Samples that arrive after 10:30 AM EST are logged in the next business day, as 10:30 AM EST is the cutoff time for processing to begin the same day. Updates are made once per day, by 8:00 PM PST, for testing that begins that day.

If you have samples arriving from multiple locations, you will not receive an email until all of those samples arrive. If you ordered a test and included the mother's DNA, and you sent samples without her DNA to test, no testing will begin until her samples arrive, unless you notify us in writing on a Support Ticket that there will be a change of who is testing.

Please note that if you choose to not include someone from your original order, and want to add them later, additional fees will need to apply because the testing will need to be done all over again.

If samples are arriving from more than one location, and you want to know if the other samples have arrived, you will receive an email once they have. In the meantime, you can take the following steps to help you determine if the other samples have been sent.

Please use the FedEx tracking numbers from the return envelopes you were provided in your kit to determine when all samples have arrived. If you believe the samples should have been received, and have recorded your tracking number which we suggested in your DNA collection kit (or Make Your Own Kit letter), please do the following:

  1. Make certain you returned the samples via FedEx rather than the USPS (U.S. Postal Service). The USPS and FedEx are different companies and do not deliver for each other.
  2. FedEx scans the return label once they have received it. If samples were given to a FedEx location, please contact that location or your local FedEx hub if it was placed it in a FedEx drop box for tracking. If the label shows no information, that means that FedEx is showing it has not been given to FedEx for delivery to the lab.
  3. If samples are being returned from various locations to the lab, please check directly with the other parties to obtain their tracking information so you may determine if they have been returned or are en route to the lab.

If you have tracking numbers that verify all samples have arrived, the information is the same as you provided on the order, and any required documents are completed, and you still have not received your confirmation email, please complete a Support Ticket with your case number, and the tracking numbers showing delivery. Upon receipt of this information, your case will be elevated to the highest priority and the lab will be contacted directly to determine the cause of any delay.

How Long Does It Take To Process My Samples And Get Results?

Paternity, Maternity, and Twin Zygosity testing results are usually available one business day after the lab begins testing. Sibling test, Grandparent test, and Avuncular DNA test results are usually available in two business days. Prenatal paternity test takes seven business days in most cases. If you ordered a test other than these, please check your confirmation email for an estimate of testing times.

The only exception to these processing times is if the lab determines, for testing accuracy or other concerns on the DNA samples submitted, that additional testing time is needed. This is uncommon, however, it can occur in a small number of cases due to individual DNA profiles that cannot be predetermined until they are examined.

Results are delivered once per day, by 8:00 PM PST, on the day the lab finalizes and signs off on the results.

I Need To Change The Name Of Someone Who Is Testing Because The Name Is Different From What I Put On The Order Form

You will need to submit a Support Ticket with the name and suspected relationship of the person whose name is different. Names must match exactly as they are on the order form, as the testing is set up that way in the database. When this does not match, the testing will be delayed, and we have to delete one set of entries and set up a new case with the new information.

There is an administrative fee of $25.00 to change this information. You may pay this fee by CLICKING HERE. No samples will be processed until any balances owed are paid in full.

I Received An Email That My Test Was Delayed

Delays are uncommon, however, they can occur in some cases. The common reasons for a delay are:

  • The laboratory needs additional testing time for your case, as advanced processes are required for extended genetic markers on both DNA samples to be isolated and tested. This means that the current findings are showing as inconclusive. While we cannot guarantee a result will not be inconclusive, everything possible will be done, including testing additional genetic material, to obtain the strongest results. These types of delays, when they do happen, are usually when the mother's DNA is not included in the initial testing.
  • The case has not received all the necessary documents. If you were sent a sibling analysis rider or a non-standard sample rider, and sent your DNA samples to be tested without those completed forms, your testing will be delayed until they are received. You can complete them, and email them to us along with your case number to It may also be that the information on the collection envelopes for the names or relationships is different from what was ordered. This must match exactly what is put on the order form.
  • Your case may be inactive. Per our terms and conditions, which are agreed to at the time of the order and which may be reviewed at, you have 90 days from the date of your order to submit all samples for testing. After 90 days your case is placed in an inactive status.

If your case is inactive, you may reactivate your case one time for an additional 30 days for a reactivation fee. You may reactivate your case by clicking REACTIVATE MY CASE. If we do not receive a reactivation request within 5 business days, your samples will be discarded and your case closed. Cases that are closed are not eligible for reactivation at a future date.

I Received An Email Saying My DNA Samples Need To Be Recollected

The lab makes every effort, sometimes for days, to attempt to get enough DNA to develop a DNA profile. When there is insufficient DNA on the swab or a non-standard DNA sample, a recollection of the sample is necessary.

Sometimes the DNA indicates the samples may have been placed together with the other samples. Sometimes the data may show something questionable in the initial findings. When this happens we simply ask for a recollection. This minimizes the chance that an error will occur again.

Our testing laboratory is AABB accredited, professional, and will never compromise the integrity of the testing report if there is any question or concern.

Please follow the directions in the email you received and we can get new samples and you can get the answers you need and deserve.

I Received My Results But Do Not Understand Them

DNA test results for paternity and relationships are based on a mathematical probability of the relationship. Paternity, Maternity, Twin Zygosity, and Y-chromosome DNA Tests are what are called exclusionary testing, which means they are the closest to Yes or No you can get. In these test results, a 0% probability means the relationship testing for is not supported by the genetic evidence of the DNA samples. That can be viewed as a NO. A 99.9% or greater probability is seen as a YES. There is rarely anything in between.

Sibling, grandparent, and avuncular test results show a probability of the relationship but are no exclusionary as you are not testing a primary parent against the sibling DNA. In these cases 91% up to 99.99% can be seen as a YES for the relationship. 9% down to 0% can be seen as a NO to these relationships.

For more detailed information on understanding your results, please use the Understanding Your Results booklet that was provided in your results email.

My Results Show An Inconclusive Result

An inconclusive result is uncommon, however, it can happen in a very small number of cases. This is greatly decreased by adding a mother's DNA when available, as explained on the webpage for the specific test you ordered. The lab goes to great lengths to get the strongest result possible, including additional genetic markers at no extra cost to you.

In those cases when an inconclusive result still happens, you may be able to add additional parties to your case for stronger results. Please submit a Support Ticket with your case number and a request for information on what other DNA samples may be helpful for a stronger result.

My Results Show Something Different Than Other Results I Have

Ancestry tests show possible relatives but they are by no means 100% accurate. The only way to know for certain if you are related is to test person to person. We retest thousands of people every year who have had ancestry testing done, and almost 50% of the results we see exclude the relationship they thought they had. While disappointing, it is better to know the truth. The test results we provide are the same findings as would be on our legal test results for court, without the legal paperwork. Ancestry testing cannot be used in court or tribal enrollment as it is not as accurate.

If you want more information about this, you may learn more HERE.

I Want To Add Someone Else To My Test

You have 30 days from when your results were sent to you, to add a person to your test. This can only be ordered by the person who ordered the original test. You may add an additional person by clicking on ADD A PERSON TO MY TEST.

Will My Results Be Mailed To Me?

If you paid for your results to be mailed to you (U.S.A. only) at the time of your order, they will be sent to you by USPS Priority mail. If you did not pay for mailing your results previously and want to have us mail you a copy, you may order that service HERE.

I Am Unable To Open My Results To View Them

A PDF reader is required to view your results. We suggest Adobe Reader. Most .pdf readers are free to download and install if you do not already have one on your computer or mobile device. We are unable to offer technical advice about your particular computer or mobile device and suggest you contact your support team for your device if you continue to have trouble with it.

If you are unable to view your results on a mobile device and do not want to download an app to do so, please try your desktop or laptop computer. You may also choose to have us mail you a copy USPS Priority mail by clicking HERE.

How Long Will You Keep My Results?

Per the terms and conditions agreed to at the time of your order, we do not store any information on cases, or results, after 30 days from the date they are sent to you. We do not provide a permanent repository for your results.

Are My Results Able To Be Used In Court?

If you ordered a legal DNA test, with a chain of custody and third-party DNA collection, then yes, your results are considered legally admissible.

Home testing. while just as accurate and with the same findings, is not court-admissible because you cannot prove to the court that the parties tested are the ones who contributed DNA.

If you need a legal test result and have already taken a home test, please contact one of our Genetic Consultants at 1-855-362-6224 to discuss your case.