DNA Testing

A DNA test provides persuasive and often life-changing information.

Everyone wants the best DNA testing available to answer paternity or relationship questions, but no one should have to be a genetic scientist to understand the results. Journey Genetic Testing decodes the test results and brings all the genetic information from each case together in a simple, easy-to-understand, one-page report.

Journey Genetic Testing’s Legal Relationship Test and Home Paternity Test both examine 24 Genetic Markers in a person’s DNA, checking for genetic matches between the suspected father and the child or children.

Our advanced DNA testing is guaranteed to be at least 1,000 times more powerful than a standard 16 marker DNA test.

When we determine if two people are full or half siblings through DNA profiling; if a Grandparent and suspected grandchild are related with our DNA tests; or if an Avuncular (Aunt/Uncle) relationship exists, we test up to 150% more loci – than the industry standard, which make our Family Relationship tests the most accurate DNA testing available for direct relationship results.

Testing that utilizes so many additional alleles allows us to not only be more accurate than other DNA tests, but we are also able to draw conclusive results almost every time through our testing process.

We also provide genetic testing for Maternity, Identical Twin Zygosity, and Y-Chromosome options.

Our Commitment To You

“To allow every person the opportunity to learn the truth about their biological relationships by providing the most advanced and accurate genetic testing available at the lowest possible cost; to demonstrate compassion and guidance to every client we have the privilege of working with; and to understand and accept the responsibility of our service in delivering life changing answers.”

Most accurate DNA test

Our DNA Testing Services


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A few words from our clients.

We’re only happy when you are. So it’s particularly pleasing when we hear from you.

Just wanted to share that I took the DNA results to my child’s doctor and he was quite impressed! Thank you to your company and a special thank you to you for being patient with all our questions.

You have a blessed day!

Staci M

Staci M
Top of the line service and fast results. I would use again. Called company about results and the person was so nice and informative.
Willard M.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! My son is finally validated!!
You have been such a tremendous help in such a big way.

Thank you.

Justine I.
Easy to follow and fast results. Thank you.
Lucia D.
Thank you so much for putting up with my constant questions and emails. I am so relieved to finally get the answers and they were exactly what I hoped for!!!

You changed my life and I thank you!

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