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A DNA test provides persuasive, and often life-changing, information. And while everyone wants the best DNA testing available to answer paternity or relationship questions, no one should have to be a genetic scientist to understand the results. Bio-Gene DNA Testing decodes the test results and brings all the genetic information from each case together in a simple, easy-to-understand, one-page report.

Accurate DNA Testing

Bio-Gene DNA Testing’s Legal Paternity Test and Home Paternity Test both examine up to 24 Genetic Markers in a person’s DNA, checking for genetic matches between the suspected father and the child or children. Our paternity testing is 1,000 times more powerful than a 16 marker test.

When we determine if two people are full or half siblings through DNA profiling; if a Grandparent and suspected grandchild are related with our DNA tests; or if an Avuncular (Aunt/Uncle) relationship exists, we test 50% or more genetic markers that the industry standard, which make our Family Relationship tests the most the most accurate available.

Using such a high number of genetic markers allows us to not only be more accurate than other DNA tests, but we are also able to draw conclusive results almost every time through our testing process.

Bio-Gene DNA Testing provides high marker genetic results for Prenatal Paternity, Maternity, Twin Zygosity, Y-Chromosome, Ancestry and Native American Bloodlines DNA testing as well as paternity and family reconstruction. We also provide Immigration DNA testing as we believe keeping families together is a critical part of our mission.

DNA Experts

We do not offer drug or alcohol testing, background checks, or other services because DNA testing is our entire focus. It what we do well and you deserve reliable results from a company that puts all their effort into providing the answers you need and deserve through DNA testing.

What all of this means is that you can obtain the most accurate DNA test, for a lower cost, and have your questions answered the first time you test.

Confidential And Secure

We regard your case as private and confidential. We place strict controls over access to your personal information and are committed to ensuring that your results are never seen by anyone who should not see it. Viewing any messages or files requires password authentication, which you set to determine access. We also do not retain your personal DNA profile or genetic code to use in other research without your consent.

Accredited Results 

All of our testing locations are certified by the AABB, CLIA, and meet ISO 17025 requirements which establishes quality standards for all laboratory testing to ensure accuracy, reliability and timeliness or client test results. Typically, lab results are completed between 2 and 5 days depending on the testing performed. We will always deliver your results in the quickest manner possible, but will never sacrifice quality or take shortcuts to accomplish that. You deserve the right, and reliable, answers when your results arrive. All results are delivered with a Scientific Expert Opinion on the DNA samples that are submitted.

Please select the type of DNA testing you are interested in from the selection at the top of this page, or take a moment and complete the Information Request Form below and we will contact you at our first opportunity to discuss your case.


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