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FAQs About Grandparent DNA Testing

This FAQ page offers in-depth insights into grandparent DNA testing, explaining its functioning, suitable applications, and expected outcomes. If you seek answers to your queries about a grandparent DNA test, you’ve reached the correct source. We provide legal grandparent testing services for court cases and other legal requirements. Get in touch with us today to explore our grandpaternity services further.

Here Are The FAQs About Grandparent DNA Testing

Is It Better To Test With A Grandmother Or A Grandfather?

If the child at question is a male, and the grandfather is available, we suggest you test male to male. When testing 2 males for a relationship DNA test, they have the extra advantage of including Y chromosome testing, if it is necessary. Y chromosomes are an exact match down the male lineage.

If the grandfather is not available, the lab makes the necessary adjustments to test a grandmother and possible grandson.
When the child in question is female, a DNA test with either the grandmother or the grandfather can typically provide sufficient and accurate results in most cases.

My Grandchild Lives In A Different Location. Can I Still Test?

It is very common for those who are taking a DNA test to live at a distance that makes it not practical to get together and do the DNA collection together. We provide an an option on our order form to have additional DNA collection kits sent to additional addresses.

To order additional kits, simply select the number required on the order form and provide the corresponding addresses in the designated section for the shipping destination.

We connect our DNA kits through a shared case number. After all the samples have arrived at the laboratory, our team cross-references them using the unique case number assigned to your particular case. We will notify you once all samples have arrived and testing has begun.

Is It Possible to Perform a Legal Grandparent Test?

Yes. If you are needing a DNA test for death benefits, immigration, probate, or to prove the relationship to the IRS or other government agencies, then you will need to a legal Grandparent DNA test. If the grandparents are alive and willing to take the DNA test, they are excellent choices, especially if the father is no longer alive. It is best to add the biological mother to the testing in these situations, if possible.

Can I Test Something Other Than A Mouth Swab To Be Discreet?

Yes! Alternate samples are very common to use when you want to have the testing run in a very discreet way. To learn more about this option, click on Alternative DNA Samples.

Do The Parents Need To Know I Am Testing My Grandchild?

We believe that open and honest communication is always best.

If you are looking for personal information using our at-home Grandparent DNA kit, you can discreetly and privately perform the test between the grandparent(s) and grandchild, without anyone else being aware of it.

If you are needing a legal DNA test, then the custodial parent or legal guardian will need to give written consent.

Are My Grandparent DNA Results Confidential?

Yes! Only the person who orders the test has access to the information. We never discuss results with anyone else to ensure your privacy.

Can A Grandparent Test Provide Results That Show Ancestry Or Health Issues?

Unfortunately not. Grandparent DNA tests primarily concentrate on identifying genetic matches with the other individuals undergoing testing.

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