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Sibling DNA Testing

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What Is Sibling DNA Test?

Sibling DNA Test Journey Genetic Testing

A sibling DNA test examines whether two or more people are biological siblings. It can identify if two people are full siblings, half siblings, or not related as siblings. This type of DNA test for siblingship is basically a paternity test without the biological father’s DNA sample. This DNA test is one recommendation when the suspected father is not available to take a paternity test. Perhaps the alleged father has refused to take the test, or it just isn’t possible to get his DNA sample.

Full Sibling or Half Sibling DNA Tests

When you’re full siblings, you share 50% of your DNA. If you have the same mother and want to know if you have the same father, choose a full sibling test. We suggest getting the mother’s DNA too, if possible. For a full sibling test, we use the mother’s DNA to remove her DNA from her children’s genetic profiles. This leaves only on the DNA passed down by the biological father, making the result stronger in some cases.

When checking for possible half siblings, we know they don’t share the same mother. We’ll study their DNA to see if they have the same father. Half siblings have around 25% of the same DNA. Like with full siblings, having the biological mother’s DNA can be beneficial. We remove her DNA from the child’s sample, leaving only the potential father’s DNA. Then we compare this DNA with the other possible half siblings.

At Home Sibling DNA Test Kit Or Legal Sibling DNA Test by Journey Genetic Testing

Sibling DNA Tests vs. Ancestry Tests

Many people consider having a sibling test done after getting results from an ancestry test. We strongly recommend verifying the information your receive. You may be suprised to learn that ancestry type tests are often wrong.

We have found over the years that almost 50% of the cases that want to prove that the information they received is correct, find out they are not related after all. Here is the reason for this: you can’t tell with 100% certainty if two people are related unless you compare the DNA for both people directly with each other. Since ancestry type tests use little pieces of DNA, and we all share 99.9% of the same genetic code, this means there is a high probability of error in those type of reports.

A DNA Sibling Test can prove or disprove ancestry results. Most ancestry companies can only say that you might have found a surprise sibling. Our can prove or disprove the findings in almost every case. However, you can get a 100% accurate answer concerning a sibling relationship with our home sibling kit.

Ancestry type tests are not AABB accredited due to the type of process they use. It is always best to verify a relationship before investing your time. and emotional energy, into a new situation.

How Accurate Is A Journey Genetic Testing DNA Test?

Journey Genetic Testing DNA Test Accuracy

We guarantee your results will be 100% accurate. Unlike other types of DNA testing, such as ancestry mapping, we compare each person’s DNA with each other. There are some DNA companies that state their testing is 99% accurate, rather than 100%. It is important to understand the difference. You should always have a test result that is as accurate as possible. Often these results are life changing.

We test a base of 24 genetic markers. In almost every case that is enough DNA to arrive at a conclusive answer. If we are unable to reach the strongest [possible result with our base testing, we will automatically upgrade your testing to include additional markers as the lab determines is necessary. There is no additional cost when you test is upgraded. Our goal is to always provide you with an answer that is 100% accurate to help you on your journey to truth.

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DNA Testing Without The Other Person Knowing

Sometimes a discreet DNA test may be the right choice for you. We believe that open and honest communication is best, however if the other person is not available, or for other reasons you want to keep the testing very private, this may be the right option for you.

You can also perform private DNA test using alternative samples. Items such as earwax, hair, tissues with mucus, nail clippings, and toothbrushes can all be used for DNA collection. Click Alternative DNA Samples to learn more.

How Much Does A Sibling Test Cost?

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. All full or half sibling DNA tests include all collection materials, prepaid overnight label (USA addresses), all lab processing, and results in 2 business days.

  • Our Sibling DNA Test with 2 siblings is $129.00 USD.
  • A mother’s DNA sample is included at no charge (if sent with the sibling’s DNA samples).
  • Each additional sibling is $100.00 USD.
  • You can request kits to be sent to different locations as well.

If you prefer not to receive a kit for privacy or other reasons, you can make your own kit (MYOK) with cotton swabs. We’ll email you a case number and step-by-step instructions to collect and send your DNA samples to our lab for processing. If you are in the U.S.A. we will also send you a pre-paid overnight return label. For more info, click on Make Your Own Kit (MYOK).

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