Journey Genetic Testing offers a legal  maternity test that can be used for custody issues; IRS identify verification; probate issues; court orders; and proof of identify for adoption.

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A legal maternity test is 100% accurate in determining is a woman being tested is the biological mother of a child. Maternity is determined by comparing the child’s DNA with the DNA profile of the alleged mother. A legal maternity test can be used to establish the biological relationship of mother/child. Legal maternity testing is usually done to establish proof for immigration cases, probate issues, Social Security survivor benefits, or in adoption proceedings. These results will be notarized and admissible for any legal situation that requires a legal maternity test.

If you do not need a court admissible document, and want to establish maternity, such as discovering your birth mother, you may wish to consider our home maternity test. Our home testing is just as accurate, and shows the same results, however it cannot be used for legal purposes as no chain of custody for the DNA samples will have been established.

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