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Legal Y Chromosome DNA Testing

Legal Y-Chromosome (Y-STR) DNA Test


Our test includes 2 male donors, professional DNA collection, and 100% accurate, legally admissible results from our AABB accredited lab. A payment plan is available.

A legal Y-DNA DNA test is done to establish whether a child is biologically of the same male lineage as the other donors providing DNA mouth swab samples. This test is usually performed when the alleged father is not available for testing directly against the primary donor. A legal Y-STR test is often used to establish indirect paternity for a court case such as child support and Social Security benefits, however it cannot verify as specific relationship. It also is often used for probate questions and, when necessary, legal guardianship for a child(ren).

Our legally admissible and home Y-Chromosome DNA Test will provide you with the same results, however a home test is not admissible in court since there has not been verifiable legal proof of who was tested,. If you wish more detailed information regarding this type of DNA test, go to Y-STR DNA Test, and then if you need a legal DNA test, please return to this page.

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