Mitochondrial DNA Test

Mitochondrial DNA Test

What Is Mitochondrial Testing?

A mitochondrial DNA test is also known as an mtDNA test. This test can help you determine if you and another person come from the same maternal line. This test examines a person’s matrilineal (mother-line) relationship line. The lab looks at each persons’ mitochondria DNA. This is the DNA that is by the mother to each of her children.

Both males and females can take part in a mtDNA test. Mothers pass down mitochondrial DNA to both sons and daughters through the egg. Sons can’t pass it to their children, while daughters can. This is different from a Y-chromosome DNA test. This is because the Y-Chromosome is passed on from male to male by the father.

Mitochondrial DNA is passed on from the female down the female ancestral line, and is unique to that female line. The mtDNA sequences of each individual are compared to see if they share certain regions of the mtDNA. If they do, then that indicates they come from the same maternal line. This analysis will conclusively confirm, or eliminate, your relationship to relatives through the maternal/female line.

When You May Want To Do A Mitochondrial DNA Test

There are many reasons to consider mitochondrial testing. When you can verify a biological relationship with a possible relative on your maternal line, you can usually:

  • Confirm information when a question of maternity arises
  • Get information that can help with your medical history
  • Provide some who is adopted’s information about their birth family
  • Explore your family tree

Both males and females can take the mtDNA test since everyone gets their mtDNA from their mother. You’ll get the results in 12-14 days after the lab gets all samples. These results are private and only the person ordering the test sees the DNA profiles or results.

This test has practical uses. If you find a potential relative from an ancestry test and want to check the connection, this analysis helps. Only person-to-person DNA tests can confirm relationships. This comparison will show if your mtDNA sequences match or not. It concludes whether you and the possible relative(s) share a female ancestor. But it can’t specify the exact relationship or which maternal relative is shared.

How Much Does A Mitochondrial Test Cost?

The test’s price varies based on factors, mainly who is getting tested. DNA collection uses buccal swabs or cotton swabs (for Make Your Own Kit – MYOK option). We can’t accept other items for mtDNA testing. Our testing is unique; the mtDNA test we provide confirms newer family relationships scientifically.

Number Of People Testing
Two people testing – $199
Each additional person – $100

Our price is straightforward and simple. It covers everything you need:

  • We ship the kit to you quickly via USPS Priority.
  • You’ll have all the DNA collection items required.
  • You can use the prepaid overnight label to send it back.
  • We perform all the lab testing needed.
  • You get results that are completely 100% accurate.