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What You Should Know

When you choose Journey Genetic Testing and our DNA lab for your DNA test, you’re in good hands. Our lab is the biggest and most respected in the United States. Courts trust our DNA lab results because they have proper legal backing and a chain of custody, and the right accreditation. Legal tests even work for name changes on birth certificates, citizenship, passports, and for other legal reasons. Our private, non-legal tests follow the same strict process and use the same advanced tech, ensuring 100% accuracy.

Our DNA Lab Is AABB Accredited For Paternity Testing

With Journey Genetic Testing, you can have full confidence in your results. Opting for a test from a small, unaccredited lab can be risky. Whereas it might seem cheaper at first, but why gamble with something so crucial?

Our lab’s DNA testing methods and protocols are rigorously checked and pass with flying colors. Each DNA test is done twice to meet the highest standards. Your truth is too important to entrust to an unaccredited lab.

Our lab and its experts boast top-level accreditations for genetic testing. We also join voluntary accreditation programs to validate our methods, our skilled team, and the accuracy of results, which a Ph.D. reviews before sending to you.

For more on why accreditation is a big deal, click DNA LABORATORY ACCREDITATION.

Steer Clear of False Results!

Compare our DNA testing package with others, and you’ll see we offer the best quality tests at the lowest prices, with no hidden fees. Reach out to our Genetic Consultants if you need help comparing prices with other companies.