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Home Paternity Test

Home Paternity Test


100% Accurate Paternity Results In 1 Day

Why You Need A Paternity Test

A paternity test will be able to provides scientific proof to the question of whether a man is the biological father of a child. DNA is the shortened term for, Deoxyribonucleic acid, which is the genetic material you inherit from your mother and father. Paternity refers to fatherhood. A DNA paternity test uses DNA, usually taken from a cheek swab, to analyze whether a man is the child’s biological father. The lab runs a series of tests that we refer to as DNA sequencing. These tests look at specific areas, called markers, for genetic matches between the potential father and child. Paternity is determined or excluded through the sequencing when comparing the child’s DNA with the DNA of the suspected father. A match of 23 or more markers confirms paternity. If less than 23 markers match then the man is eliminated from being the biological father.

Home Paternity Test

Our home DNA test kit may be the right choice if you are looking for an answer for your peace of mind, or other private reasons, only. In this type of test participants usually collect their own mouth swab samples, and the submit their DNA for testing, A personal knowledge test also allow you to send an alternative specimen for testing, such as hair, or a toothbrush. Private knowledge test results are not generally court-admissible. A DNA collection kit will be delivered to you, allow you to use our home paternity test from the comfort of your home.

Our home paternity test is processed under the same the the same testing technology and strict protocols as our accredited legal paternity testing. All tests are conducted under AABB accredited laboratory conditions. The only difference is that there in no chain of custody, or the added cost of a third-party collection. This  private home paternity test uses 24 markers instead of the industry standard 16 markers. This makes the test results almost 1,000 times more powerful than a lower marker DNA test. All tests are run twice to verify if the alleged father is the biological father of the child. 

How Much Does A Paternity Test Cost?

Discovering or verifying paternity may be one of the most important things you do in life. We believe strongly that everyone has a right to know “who they are” and “where they come from.” The answers we provide our clients are often life changing. and can assist them emotionally, financially, and also help them understand any hereditary generational health issues by knowing who their biological father is.

We want to try to help as many people as we can to get these answers. As part of our company mission, we strive to provide the most accurate testing at the lowest possible results. All testing is done in an AABB laboratory in the U.S.A. Costs continually increase for everyday necessities, and the same is true for providing DNA testing services. The truth is also a necessity. Because of that belief we have not raised our prices on our testing in the last 5 years. You should be able to afford to get the answers you need and deserve.

We accept credit and debit cards and PayPal. We also are offering, on all testing that is $100 or more, the option for a no interest, no credit check payment plan through Sezzle. This payment option allows you to break up the cost of test over four different payments. We will still process your order, and perform you testing with results provided to you, while we are making the payments. If you are interested in this option, just choose Sezzle when you go to “checkout” and you will be directed to the Sezzle website where you can begin the process. Our goal is to offer the lowest price tests with the greatest ease of moving forward with your testing.

The cost below includes a 24 marker paternity test. It also includes USPS Priority shipping of the kit(s), everything you need to collect the DNA specimens, and a prepaid FedEx overnight return label (USA addresses only). There are no additional fees for lab processing or results. Everything is included in the price listed.

Number Of People Testing
Father and Child – $109.00
Father, Mother, and Child – $109.00
Each Additional Father – $75.00
Each Additional Child – $65.00
Alternative DNA Sample – $100.00

Paternity Test Accuracy

Our paternity test is 100% accurate. You will always have a “YES” or “NO” from our paternity test. A conclusive result can be obtained with just the suspected father and child, if you do not wish to use the mother’s DNA as well. If you choose to include the mother, we do not charge an additional fee for her participation if her DNA sample is sent in at the same time as the other specimens for testing. Without her participation, the probability of paternity from our laboratory can be 99.99% and higher. With her participation, the probability increases to 99.999% and higher. As a point of reference, the threshold for legal establishment of paternity is 97% probability or higher.

The paternity testing we offer based on DNA has become the most accepted method for proof of biological relationship. We have had thousands of DNA samples tested for paternity by attorneys, doctors, and private individuals due to our level of accuracy and reputation.

DNA testing begins as soon as all samples needed for testing arrive at the lab. When one DNA sample arrives before other samples that are being tested, it is stored in an environmentally controlled area until all samples arrive. After this, they are then matched together, and provided to the laboratory technicians, to begin the process of extracting and amplifying the DNA strands. This is done with the most current and technologically advanced equipment to accelerate the testing process. Samples arriving by 10:00 AM EST begin processing the same day. We will provide you email notification that testing is underway once the process begins.

Results are delivered by email in ONE business day after all sample have arrived at the lab*. There is no additional cost for this expedited service.

*Please note: if we are testing something other than a mouth swab for the paternity test, a viability test will be performed prior to regular testing for paternity, to make certain sufficient DNA can be found for performing the test. Viability testing can take 2-5 business days to complete.

Samples For Paternity DNA Testing

In most cases it is not necessary to obtain the mother’s sample when performing a DNA paternity test. When you choose to add the mother’s sample, we will add her to the case at no additional charge!

The most accurate method to obtain a DNA sample is to use a buccal swab. This is very similar to using a “Q-tip” cotton swab. The swabs are rubbed on the inside cheeks of the mouth for about 15-30 second per side. It is painless and quick. If you cannot obtain a mouth swab, you may also test alternative DNA samples. These include hair, a toothbrush, etc. Learn more about using by clicking ALTERNATIVE DNA SAMPLE.

When you need discreet, private paternity testing, you do not have to obtain consent for testing either the alleged father or the child when performing a non-legal test. The results are only provided to the person who orders the test, unless specific written instructions to release the test results to other individuals is provided to us.

Your DNA collection kit will have detailed step-by-step instructions on how to collect your swab sample. Learn more about how to collect a sample at HOW TO COLLECT A DNA SAMPLE.

We Make Your Experience Easy And FAST

Easy Ordering And Express Shipping!
Our DNA kits are not “one size fits all” and are customized for your case, and shipped the same business day.

Easy And Painless DNA Collection!
 Easy to understand directions make collection the DNA with the provided cheek swabs effortless and painless.

Rapid In Lab Processing!
Once we have all the DNA samples in lab, testing begins that day, and we will email you letting you know.

Private And Understandable Results!
We will email the PDF report, which is written in terms the average person can understand. Printed copies can be provided as well.

Paternity Test FAQs

The potential father and child swab the inside of their cheeks for buccal (cheek) cells. You mail the cotton swab applicators to our lab. Once all samples have arrived at the lab, DNA is extracted from the swabs and the testing begins.

The genetic loci that are analyzed contain DNA sequences known as short tandem repeats (STRs)—short, repeating units of DNA. For each person, the number of repeats present at each genetic locus is variable and is inherited from their biological parents. For each genetic locus, each person has two genetic markers, or alleles (alternate forms of the DNA sequence): one allele is inherited from their biological mother and one allele is inherited from their biological father.

The test result report lists the allele sizes (number of repeats) for the mother (if tested), child, and alleged father at each genetic locus.

If only the child and alleged father are tested, and they do not share any alleles in common at three or more loci, then the alleged father is a excluded (ruled out). When the alleged father possesses the obligate or possible paternal alleles at all loci tested, then he is not excluded (not ruled out) as the biological father. Based on these genetic findings, a probability of paternity is calculated and reported.

Yes. There are a few options available to do DNA testing.

If an autopsy was performed. and the Medical Examiner has either a blood sample or tissue sample, that can be used to obtain the DNA from the person who is deceased. A paternity test can also be performed using a non-standard, or “alternative sample” containing the alleged father’s DNA, such as, blood, hair, finger nails, toe nails, toothbrush, etc.

We can also perform a test using a parent of the alleged father (Grandparent DNA test), or sibling of the alleged father (Avuncular DNA test), if available. It is also possible to test two or more possible siblings who suspect they share the same mother (Full Sibling test) or only believe they share the same biological father (Half Sibling test).

Our Genetic Consultants can provide additional information. Call us at 1-855-362-5224 or email us at

Yes. Almost 98% of our paternity testing is done only with a father’s DNA sample and a child’s DNA sample.

No. An ancestry DNA can identify potential DNA matches, but only a DNA direct paternity test can prove a father-child DNA match.

If two possible fathers are related as full brothers, or father and son, they may share many of the DNA markers used in paternity testing. This means that if the laboratory is not aware of these relationships, both men could test positive as the child’s biological father. DNA testing is strong enough to determine paternity in a case involving closely-related fathers, but the laboratory must be made aware of these situations before the testing process begins.

Journey Genetic Testing offers two options for cases involving possible fathers who are related:

Option 1: Test both fathers, the child, and the mother at the same time. By comparing both fathers’ DNA profiles with the child’s DNA profile, the expert laboratory staff can achieve accurate and conclusive test results. There is an added fee for the additional father.

Option 2: Test one father with extended analysis. This option is for when only one of the fathers is available for testing. To produce a conclusive result, we must perform extended testing and statistical analysis. There is an additional fee for the extended testing and analysis.

Yes! Cheek-swab samples are the industry standard for this type of test. Cheek swabs make DNA extraction by our lab’s robots easy, which is one way to keep costs lower for our customers.

If you want to submit an alternative DNA sample such as toothbrush, ear wax on swabs, or fingernail clippings, please keep in mind there is a non-refundable fee of $100 required to test a sample’s viability prior to testing.

Yes, this is very common. We can sent paternity test kits to two different addresses. There is an option to list a second address on our online form.

The different kits will have the same case number and are matched up in lab once all the samples arrive. If one sample arrives first, then we just store that in a way to keep the sample safe until the other sample(s) arrive.

We will notify you once all samples have arrived and testing begins.

Not usually. You should probably not do a home paternity test if you need results for child support, custody, or any other legal reason. Courts do not generally accept results unless they are from a legal DNA test that maintained a strict chain-of-custody process. At the same time, it is within a judge’s right to accept into evidence anything they deem valid. We suggest that if you have specific questions concerning a legal matter that you contact an attorney prior to proceeding. We will work with an attorney of your choosing to move forward on any testing that is necessary.

The informational home paternity DNA test provides you 100% accurate answers from the comfort of your home. If your are in need of a Legal paternity DNA test, we have 3,500+ DNA centers in the USA. All legal collection are by appointment only, and we most likely have a location close to your home or office.

You may be concerned that your DNA sample could be used to discover a whole range of things about you. We want to reassure you that our DNA paternity testing will not lead to this. The DNA sample that is taken for our paternity test will only be used for paternity testing. You can be certain that information regarding your test results is only released to those individuals specifically listed as authorized on the order form.

The DNA sample is destroyed in the process of testing, and all person information is deleted from our system 30 days after the results are delivered to you. We will never sell your personal DNA information, or provide it to any other individual, company, lab, or private or government database.

Some Of Our DNA Paternity Test Reviews

“I am very happy with my results. Thank you!” – Marvin G.
“Great people, great service. My results gave me the answer I wanted in 1 day! I don’t think they would do it but they did.” – Mary T.
“Would use again if needed thank you Journey for your services.” – Marlene L.

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