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Legal Grandparent DNA Test

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A Legal grandparent DNA test is a remarkable avenue of DNA analysis that uncovers the truth behind familial relationships. This DNA test allows you to be able to determine paternity even when the alleged father isn’t available for testing.

Grandparent testing involves using the DNA of the child’s possible grandparents and the grandchild. The results show how likely it is that the child and the claimed father are related biologically. It’s a bit like solving a puzzle with genetics, where pieces from both grandparents and grandchildren help create a clearer picture.

When you need legal proof of a family connection and regular paternity testing isn’t possible, a legal grandparent test comes into play. If the father isn’t around, can’t be reached, or doesn’t want to do DNA testing, this option can give important answers.

The results of a legal DNA test can be used to resolve many important issues.

  • Birth certificate – change the name or add a parent
  • Adoption – legal proof may be needed to release the child to a new family
  • Immigration – to establish a family relationship to U.S.C.I.S.
  • Probate/Inheritance – to settle disputes among family members
  • Tax Forms – the I.R.S. often requires legal establishment of a dependent
  • Social Security Benefits – when the father is no longer able to prove paternity
  • Legal Guardianship – for the care and protection of the child(ren)
  • Court Order – any legal proceeding where bloodline relationship validation is necessary

If you do not need your results for any legal purpose, please click on Home Grandparent DNA Test Kit.

Journey Genetic Testing provides the most affordable legal grandparentage DNA test with transparent pricing. There are no hidden fees or surprise “add-on” costs.

Our Price Includes:

  • Professional DNA collection by an AABB approved collector;
  • Chain-of-custody paperwork and photographic evidence of those being tested;
  • Transmission of all DNA specimens overnight to our lab;
  • All laboratory processing fees;
  • 100% accurate, notarized, AABB accredited DNA results.

Number Of People Testing:

  • Grandparent + Child – $299.00
  • Grandparent + Child + Mother – $299.00
  • Additional Grandparent – $125.00
  • Additional Grandchild – $100.00
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Consultation With A Genetic Consultant

If you have questions, concerns, or just need an objective opinion on your situation, we are here for you. We will always provide you with honest answers, even if that means telling you we can’t help. Or sending you someplace that can. We believe these results are life-changing, and we want you to have all the facts to decide what your next step is.

Establishing A Case

When you’ve decided on this test, you can order in two ways: online anytime on our website or by calling us at 1-855-362-5224. We’ll ask for a bit of info, which we keep private and safe. Payments are secure with strong encryption, and we never store your card on our servers for more safety. Online orders offer the choice of Affirm for 0% interest payments or you can use cards or PayPal.

Collecting DNA Samples

We will set up your appointments and share all the details through email. You just need to go to the appointment(s). Adults should bring an ID with their picture, and the collector will take a picture of the child. We gently collect DNA using cheek swabs, which doesn’t hurt. Once you sign the chain of custody, the collector will send it to the lab quickly. The cost of collecting and sending the samples is already included in the price of the Legal Grandparent DNA Test.

The Lab Analysis

Our DNA samples go to a reliable lab for testing. Specialists closely look at specific genetic markers to see if there’s a family connection between the child and the grandparents. If our normal test doesn’t give a clear answer, we’ll improve the test with more DNA, and you won’t pay more for it. Our aim is to make sure you get the answer you want without any extra cost.

Getting The DNA Results

Your results will be ready in just two business days. Our lab experts use genetic markers for accurate calculations. This gives a 100% accurate result of a biological connection. The results are in a notarized, legally accepted PDF. It’s a permanent record for any use. If you like, we can also mail you a paper copy.

A legal grandparent DNA test is like a guiding light for finding out about family connections. When the usual ways don’t work, this test steps in with the accuracy of science and deep genetics knowledge. But it’s more than just science—it’s a journey of learning. By choosing legal grandparent testing, you’re opening doors to clear answers and truth. You’re solving family mysteries that were hidden. It’s not only about DNA; it’s about learning your family’s history and understanding more. If you want the right answers, legal grandparent testing can give them to you. And we’re here to help you on this amazing journey to discover the truth.

This article is meant for information only and doesn’t give legal advice. For accurate and specifc details, please consult your legal expert.

We can provide a range of DNA testing services designed to meet various legal. Here’s a brief overview of what we offer:

  • Legal Paternity Test: Priced at $249, including DNA collections, this test can conclusively determine father-child biological relationships
  • Legal Maternity Test: For $249, this test helps verify a mother’s biological relationship to a child. Our price is all inclusive.
  • Legal Aunt or Uncle Avuncular Test: At $299, we can verify a biological relationships through an aunt or uncle.
  • Legal Sibling Test: When a suspected father is not available, we can indirectly prove paternity using his suspected children. This test is only $299, and includes the DNA collection at a center near your location.
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Comprehensive Testing Options

Journey Genetic Testing stands out as a premier provider for legal DNA testing thanks to our wide range of testing capabilities. Whether you need to establish paternity through maternal or paternal lineage with a cheek swab or require more complex testing involving forensic testing, our lab has the technology and expertise to deliver 100% accurate results.

Nationwide Accessibility

Accessibility is key when selecting a DNA testing service. Our company has an expansive network of over 3,500 approved DNA centers throughout the United States, ensuring that no matter where you are located, a professional testing facility is conveniently available.

Speed and Ease of Service

Recognizing the need for efficiency in legal matters, Journey Genetic Testing has simplified the DNA testing process. Services can be easily ordered online, and genetic sample collection is performed by professional technicians who follow a strict chain-of-custody to verify that the integrity of the samples is maintained, which is needed to allow the admissibility of test results.

Secure and Confidential Results

Your privacy and security are paramount to us. Test results are delivered securely via either email or USPS Priority mail, protecting your personal information throughout the process.

Exceptional Customer Support

We understand that DNA testing can be a sensitive and complex process, which is why we offer personalized customer service. Our experienced team is ready to address any questions or concerns, guiding you thoughtfully through the process.

Educational Resources

We have always valued informed decisions by our clients. Our blog provides insights and updates on DNA testing, helping you stay knowledgeable about the process and advancements in the field.

Choosing Journey Genetic Testing for your legal DNA testing needs ensures a professional, secure, and supportive experience that meets the required legal standards with accuracy and care. Order your legal DNA test today to experience the best in genetic relationship testing.

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