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FAQs About Alternative DNA Samples

How Accurate Are Alternative DNA Samples?

As long as the lab technicians are able to obtain a DNA profile from the sample, the results as just as accurate as a mouth swab. Using a higher number of genetic markers to test each person allows us to issue testing results that are 100% accurate based on the profiles generated.

How Long Does It Take To Get Results?

Testing of alternative samples may take up to an additional 5 days, depending on the DNA sample. This is to ensure that a strong enough genetic profile can be obtained. Once a DNA sample is found to be viable, the testing ordered will be completed. Our goal is always to help you get the answers you need in the shortest period of time.

Will My Results Be Legally Admissible?

In most cases, no. A legal test requires written consent from all parties (or legal guardians), photo identification, and a third party who performs the DNA collection. Alternative samples are provided for discreet testing and therefore cannot be used in court.

Can You Guarantee You Can Get DNA From The Sample I Send In?

Non standard samples do not always guarantee that a DNA Profile will be obtained as we have no way to determine the quality of the sample prior to receiving it.However, it is not just the type of sample that is important but also other variables such as :

– Poor storage conditions (e.g. damp environment, extreme heat or cold, etc).
– Poor sample handling (possible contamination with other DNA or dirt).
– Not enough DNA present (e.g. heavily used toothbrush vs used once only).

In all cases the laboratory technicians are trained to make every effort, and multiple attempts, at obtaining a usable genetic profile with every DNA sample that is tested.

It My Test Confidential?

Yes, you are protected by our strict privacy policy. No one may access your DNA test information without your written consent.

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