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Sending DNA Test Kits To Different Locations

DNA Tests Using More Than One Kit

Everyone who is using a DNA test kit might live at the same address, or at a different location. Journey Genetic Testing can send separate DNA testing kits to people residing at a different address. Those testing may live in the same country, or a different company.. It doesn’t matter to us, as long as you get the answers you need, and deserve.

Journey Genetic Testing is an international DNA testing company. We deal with many cases on a regular basis where those who want to be tested are not located in the same country.

The additional kit needed will have an additional shipping charge. This charge depends on the destination of the kit. Each kit issued will have the same case number. This allows us to match everyone’s sample at the lab. Your testing will begin once all the samples have been received in our lab.

You will also receive tracking numbers when your order ships, so you can know when everything will arrive.

Make Your Own DNA Kit (MYOK)

One option many of our clients outside the USA use, is choosing to make their own DNA kit. This also saves on any additional international shipping charges, and the time waiting for the kit to arrive.

You can save time and money and get your results faster! Click here here to learn how you can make your own DNA kit.

We Can Send DNA Kits To As Many Locations As You Need

Wherever you live, or whatever you need, Journey Genetic Testing will find a solution to help you get your DNA test performed. We will do that at the lowest possible cost to you and get your answers in the shortest time possible. We will help you everyway we can on your journey to truth through DNA testing.