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Legal Avuncular DNA Test

Order a legal avuncuar DNA test

How to verify an aunt or uncle relationship

A Legal Avuncular DNA Test is also commonly called an aunt-uncle DNA test. This test is done to have legal proof that a child is related to the sibling of the possible father. The legal Aunt-Uncle DNA test is a viable option when the DNA of the alleged father is not available. Our Avuncular DNA test results are 100% accurate when seeking to prove or disprove relationships.

When an alleged father is not available, or missing, an indirect paternity test can be done. This is done by using a full sibling of the father. The purpose is to prove through DNA that a bloodline relationship exists between the alleged aunt(s)/uncle(s) and child. There are some other legal DNA tests that can also be done if the father is not available. A Legal Grandparent DNA test or a Legal Sibling DNA Test can also establish paternity indirectly.

  • Birth Certificate – Legal DNA testing can be used to add a father to the birth certificate, or change a name.
  • Social Security Benefits – If the father is not on the birth certificate, and Social Security benefits are due to a child, proof of the father’s relationship needs to be proven. A legal Avuncular DNA test can help in these cases.
  • Immigration – USCIS may require proof of a relationship when determining to reunite families.
  • Child Support – If the suspected father isn’t available, a legal Avuncular DNA test can indirectly establish paternity.
  • Child Custody – An Aunt or Uncle may be called on to be a legal guardian of a child. To prove they are related, a legal Avuncular DNA test may be necessary.
  • Tribal Enrollment – Each tribe has their own requirements. Many times’ enrollment can happen if an aunt or uncle do DNA testing with the child wanting to be enrolled.
  • Insurance Claims – Life insurance claims usually require proof of identity through a legal DNA test.
  • Tax Forms – The I.R.S. may require proof of relationship for deduction purposes. Legal testing is needed at these times.
  • Will/Estate Issues – If a will is contested, or someone claims they are family that is not included in the will, a legal Avuncular DNA test may need to be used.
  • Adoption – When surrendering a child, or reuniting a child with birth family, legally established identity is often needed.

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What type of DNA sample Is collected in al egal DNA test?

The most common sample type is a buccal swab. This sample is collected using a cotton swab that is gently rubbed on the inside of your mouth. It is painless, fast, and accurate. In some cases, blood samples may also be acceptable.

A Legal Avuncular DNA Test needs to be performed by an American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) accredited laboratory. Samples for this type of DNA test, will need to be collected by a non-biased authorized 3rd party DNA collector. A strict Chain of Custody procedure must be followed for all legal testing. Our lab follows this strict step-by-step procedure in order to ensure your Legal Avuncular Test is admissible in court if ever needed. Following these procedures will allow your results to be used as valid facts in a legal setting.

Court ready results that are accurate and accredited

Journey Genetic Testing provides everything you need to get your legal Avuncular DNA test for one low price. Many other companies want to require you to find a DNA collector. If you don’t want to, or can’t, they will charge you more for the collection. The collection and proper chain of custody are two of the most important parts of Legal Avuncular DNA Test. This assures the results are court admissible. We have over 3,500 authorized DNA collectors and clinics in the U.S.A. An appointment can be scheduled near your home, or office, quickly and easily.

Our corporate partner is one of the few DNA testing labs recognized by the AABB. This special DNA testing seal of approval is the highest a DNA lab can get. Our labs work has a commitment to do tests perfectly. This is checked yearly by experts outside the lab to make sure they meet this goal. The tests they do are the ones that can be used as proof in court, or any other legal purpose.

Number Of People Being Tested:

  • One Aunt or Uncle + One Niece or Nephew – $299.00
  • One Aunt or Uncle + One Niece or Nephew + Mother- $299.00
  • Each Additional Aunt or Uncle – $125.00
  • Each Additional Niece or Nephew – $100.00

The cost of our legal DNA testing includes all of the following services:

  • Scheduling your DNA appointment;
  • All collection costs;
  • Overnight shipping of the DNA samples to the lab;
  • Laboratory processing fees;
  • Legally admissible results in 2 business days.
Order a legal avuncuar DNA test

You can be certain that your information is always kept private. The information we will need when you order is:

  • The full legal name of each person who is going to b4 part of test;
  • The date of birth for each person;
  • The zip code for each person testing to find the closest clinic for the DNA collection;
  • The date you want to do the DNA collection. These can be different days for each person if needed.

Legal DNA testing requires that all samples be taken by a trained DNA collector, or medical professional. We have over 3,500 approved collection sites in the U.S.A. You will receive an email within one business day of your order with the location(s) to go to. We will also give you the time, date, and anything you may need to bring with you to the appointment.

The DNA collection will be a simple and painless swab from the inside of your mouth. The DNA collector will also take a a photo of each person testing. There will be a few documents to sign, and then your DNA collection appointment will be done.

3. Get Your Results

Results will be available in 1-2 business days. This is after all samples are collected and received at the DNA testing lab. A legally admissible, signed and notarized, PDF will be emailed to you. You may print as many copies as you want. This document is able to be submitted as evidence in any situation.

This article is meant for information only and doesn’t give legal advice. For accurate and specific details, please consult your legal expert.

Order a legal avuncuar DNA test