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FAQs About DNA Results

DNA Test Results Results – The Most Often Asked Questions

Have you ever wondered about what your DNA report is really saying? Understanding your DNA results can provide valuable insights into your paternity or relationship DNA test results. We want to answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about DNA results. Hopefully we will demystify the information you’ve received, and help you decode the answers you you were given.

I Sent My Sample Back But Have Not Heard Anything. What’s Going On?

We confirm receipt once all samples that are listed on the order form have been received. Updates on cases are sent once per day, by 8:00 PM PST, during regular business days.

If you have not received an email from us please check your junk or spam folder. You may also check the tracking number for your samples return if you recorded it.

What Happens To My Sample After I Get The Results?

ll DNA samples received at our laboratory are securely stored onsite. After testing, the samples are kept for 30 days and then destroyed by incineration.

Can You Send Me The Paternity Results By Mail?

Our normal procedure is to send the results by email. When you order your test you can indicate you want us to send you a paper copy also.

What Do Paternity Test Results Look Like, And How Do I Interpret Them?

We follow all paternity-test guidelines for the language used in the report. Your paternity test results will say whether the possible father IS EXCLUDED or IS NOT EXCLUDED. This is how all paternity tests read on the report as to the biological father of the child tested.

IS EXCLUDED – This means that the man who is tested cannot be the father. This is because the testing determined that he and the child do not share a biological parent/child relationship.

IS NOT EXCLUDED – This means that he is likely to be the biological father. He and the child do share a biological parent/child relationship with a high degree of probability.

A paternity test result includes a table that lists:

The allele sizes of the different DNA markers examined. These are used in the statistical analysis portion of the test (i.e., the DNA profile)

A Probability of Paternity value

A Combined Paternity Index (CPI) value

You will want to focus on the probability of paternity percentage. A result of 0% means the alleged father is not the biological father. A result of 99.99% or higher means the alleged father is most likely the biological father.

The CPI value represents the odds against another random, unrelated, untested male in the population having the same results as the tested man.

IMPORTANT: Paternity testing is calculated using statistics. Therefore, a probability of paternity can never be 100%, because that perfect score would require testing every man on earth with the same racial background of the man tested—which isn’t possible. A probability of 99% is considered conclusive for patern

If One Person Pays For The Testing, Who Gets The Dna Test Results?

The individual who orders the testing is the authorized party entitled to receive results. At the time the order is placed, a second individual may be authorized to receive a copy of the results by the person ordering the test. Test results are completely confidential and will not be disclosed to any additional person(s) without a court order or the authorization of an individual who has provided consent for the test.

What Information Is Included With The Test Results?

1. DNA Paternity/Relationship Test Report. This document summarizes the laboratory findings, including the genetic profiles of each test participant, the Combined Paternity/Relationship Index and the Probability of Paternity/Relationship.
2.Explanation of Results. A detailed explanation regarding DNA testing and interpretation of the results is included for with all of our test reports.

When Will My Test Results Be Ready, And How Will I Receive Them?

Once all samples have been collected, test results are usually available within 1-2 business days. Prior to sample collection, we will ask you how you would like us to provide the results to you or to other recipients you wish to designate (such as your attorney). Test results are typically sent by e mail, unless you order an additional hard copy sent by U.S. mail.

How Is The Probability Of Paternity Determined?

The Probability of Paternity is the overall likelihood of paternity expressed as a percentage. It is computed using a mathematical formula that considers all of the evidence in a case—both genetic evidence (Combined Paternity Index) and the non-genetic evidence (Prior Probability). In this computation, the Combined Paternity Index is “converted” to a percentage based on an unbiased assumption that the Prior Probability is 50% (or 0.5)—a neutral value which means that, prior to DNA testing, the alleged father is considered equally likely to be the biological father as he is not to be the biological father.

A DNA test result with a Probability of Paternity of 0% means that the alleged father is excluded, or cannot be the biological father. A DNA test result with a Probability of Paternity of 99% or greater means that the alleged father is most likely the biological father.

What Is Prior Probability?

The issue of paternity depends not only on consideration of the genetic evidence (the Combined Paternity Index), but on also consideration of the non-genetic evidence, which includes fertility, access of the tested man to the mother, the issue of other possible fathers, etc. As non-genetic evidence is based on events occurring near the time of conception, it forms the basis of Prior Probability, which is the probability of paternity before testing.

To maintain neutrality, laboratories assume that, before testing, the tested man has a 50/50 chance of being the father (i.e. prior probability = 50%, or 0.5). After testing, however, the probability of paternity changes due to the newly-obtained genetic evidence. If the genetic tests exclude the tested man, then the probability of paternity will drop to 0%. If the DNA tests do not exclude the tested man, then the probability of paternity will increase to more than 99%.

How Will I Receive My Results?

We will your results to the email address provided at the time of your order. The PDF report can be downloaded and printed. We immediately send a notification email to the address on file as soon as the online report is ready to view. If eligible to receive results, you may also request a hard-copy of the report for an additional fee.

Will Diet, Drugs, Alcohol, Or Medications Affect The Test Results?

No. DNA tests are not affected by food, drugs, alcohol, or medications. There is no need to abstain from eating, drinking or taking medications prior to your appointment, with one exception: If you are a mother and are breast-feeding a baby who will be tested, please refrain from breast-feeding 30 minutes before the baby’s sample is to be collected. This is because breast milk contains the mother’s DNA. If there is residual breast milk in the baby’s mouth when its samples (buccal swabs) are collected, then there is a possibility that the baby’s sample could be contaminated with the mother’s DNA and not produce a clear test result. If this were to happen, sample recollection would be necessary.