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Y-Chromosome DNA Test – $199.00


how to order a y chromosome DNA test

What is a Y-Chromosome DNA test?

The Y-Chromosome DNA test, sometimes referred to as a Y-STR comparison, is a test that can be performed between two males to determine if they share the same male ancestral line. It is often used in paternity cases where the alleged father is not available for testing. This test can indicate whether or not a child is related to the alleged father’s brothers or other male relatives who share a common paternal line. It can also be done between alleged two or more alleged half-brothers. The DNA of the mother is not needed when this option is used to determine paternity.

A  Y-STR analysis cannot distinguish a specific relationship between males who belong to the same paternal line. However, it is very useful for excluding males from an alleged biological relationship. For example, if a male child and his alleged uncle (alleged father’s full brother) are tested, their Y-STR profiles must match. If they do not, then the alleged uncle is excluded (not considered a biological uncle) and the brother of the uncle tested is probably not the biological father.

How does a Y-Chromosome DNA test work?

Y- STR is an abbreviation for Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) which are found on the male-specific “Y” chromosome. The coding genes, mostly found on the short arm of the Y-chromosome, are vital to male sex determination and other male related functions. Based on the genetic fact that the Y-chromosome is passed from father to son(s) relatively unchanged through many generations and has an infrequent mutation rate, this DNA test examines highly differential markers on the Y chromosome and DNA profiles for these markers are generated. These Y-STR profiles are then compared to determine if there is a match. Males related through their fathers will have the same or very similar Y-STR profiles, and those who are not have different profiles.

Although the Y-Chromosome is only found in males, women can also indirectly participate in a Y-STR DNA test if they are interested in determining their paternal relatives. They would need to ask a biological male relative, such as a father, brother, paternal uncle, or paternal grandfather to contribute a sample for comparison testing with her potential paternal relative.

What if those being tested live in different cities?

A Y-Chromosome DNA test can be easily conducted even if the different parties to be tested are in different locations. Each DNA testing kit is assigned a unique identification number. If each person lives in different cities, or different countries, Bio-Gene DNA Test Kits with this unique case number can be sent directly to each person. After the DNA collection, the DNA samples can be sent separately to Bio-Gene DNA. 

The DNA specimens will be correctly matched and processed once all sample have arrived. When ordering online, select the option of two kits, or more depending on the number of people being tested, on the order form and enter the additional name and address in the box that will automatically show when this selection is made!

How much does a Y-Chromosome test cost?

Bio-Gene DNA is able to perform the most accurate Y-Chromosome DNA testing available, comparing 22 specific genetic markers on the Y-Chromosome. All pricing is determined by the number of males being tested and the type of sample being sent.  

When ordering a Y-STR test you may choose to either use a testing kit from Bio-Gene DNA or have the option to make your own DNA collection kit. This may be especially helpful if you need to have non-swab samples tested, or do not want to wait for the DNA kit to arrive to your shipping location if you are facing time constraints to obtain results.


Number Of People Testing Lab Processing Time Cost
Two males 3-5 business days $199
Three males 3-5 business days $319
Four males 3-5 business days $449
Non-standard DNA sample (each) 3-5 business days $100
y chromosome test two brothers


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Male Lineage test

How to collect a DNA sample

Our standard DNA testing procedure, and the most accurate method of  collecting a DNA sample, is to use a buccal swab (similar to a “Q-tip” cotton swab) which is rubbed on the inner cheeks of the mouth of those being tested. Mouth swabs are simple to use and yield enough DNA to successfully complete a DNA test.  


How to take a DNA test


We realize that sometimes it may not be possible to provide an oral swab DNA sample and that a person may wish to test other sources of genetic material. Under these circumstances, DNA samples such as hair, a toothbrush, or blood stains known to have belonged to the other person being tested may be able to be used. To learn more about alternate non-standard samples, click HERE.

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