Our Maternity DNA test will determine with 100% accuracy if a woman is the biological mother of a child. Results in 1 day. Journey Genetic Testing.

Maternity DNA Test 

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Maternity DNA Test – $119.00 – Results in 1 day!

Maternity DNA testing determines whether a woman is the biological mother of a child. Similar to a DNA paternity test, it compares a child’s DNA pattern with that of the alleged mother to determine the probability of likelihood that the child has inherited the DNA from the alleged mother.

In a maternity test, only the child and the alleged mother are tested. Our maternity test is 100% accurate and provides conclusive results regarding the relationship.

Maternity tests may be needed for many reasons

-To confirm that an adoptee has been reunited with his/her birth mother
-To prove biological relationships in immigration cases
-To confirm that an embryo conceived through in-vitro fertilization was implanted into the correct mother
-To resolve situations in which mothers or hospital staff suspect that a baby mix-up has occurred in the nursery

How Accurate Is Maternity DNA Testing?

All reports are based on the DNA profiles from the DNA samples submitted. Test results are guaranteed to be 100% accurate maternity test results. The process is the same as a paternity test, where the suspected mother has to match on 23 or more genetic markers or she is excluded from being the biological mother of the child.

Collecting a DNA sample for a Maternity DNA Test

Our DNA maternity test kit contains four sterile mouth swabs per person, and allows you to to painlessly collect a DNA sample from the alleged mother and child for analysis.  A buccal swab (mouth swabs) DNA sample collection is done in the privacy of your own home and sent to our laboratory for testing. The typical lab analysis time for testing and results  in ONE business day.

The mouth swab collected contains cells that have a full set of each persons genetic information in the form of DNA, short for deoxyribonucleic acid. Each person’s DNA is unique, just like your fingerprint. The information is then compared between the mother’s DNA and the child’s DNA, to determine if there is a match.

If you cannot obtain a mouth swab of either the mother or child. you do have the option of using an alternative DNA sample to a mouth swab. Items like hair, a toothbrush, and nail clippings are common items we test. To learn more about using an alternative DNA sample, please CLICK HERE.

Maternity DNA Testing FAQs

A maternity DNA test is performed. DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) is the genetic material found in the cells of your body. A person receives half of their genetic material from their biological mother and the other half from their biological father. Maternity testing is performed using a technology called PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), in which specific areas of a person’s DNA—called genetic loci—are amplified, analyzed and compared to those of another person to determine whether they share genetic markers in common and whether they are likely to be genetically related. Non-DNA based genetic tests, such as blood type, are no longer performed for present-day paternity and family relationship testing.

Yes. Almost all maternity testing we do is fatherless. It is not necessary to include a biological father for a 100% accurate result.

In almost all maternity test cases, results are available one business day after all samples have been received at the laboratory.

Our at home maternity tests can be shipped worldwide. You just indicate that you need more than one DNA kit on the order form, and provide all addresses you want kits to. You will also be provided USPS Priority mail tracking numbers for everything we send.

All results are emailed to the email address provided on the order form, as soon as they are ready. They are delivered in a PDF and are easy to read and understand. You may print a copy if you like, and forward them to anyone you choose.

How much does a maternity DNA test cost?

A DNA test may well be the most important test you will ever take. Journey Genetic Testing guarantees the highest quality testing at the most affordable prices. We process thousands of DNA samples every year for lawyers, physicians, adoption agencies, and private individuals. 

Your cost will depend on several factors, with the most important one being who is available to test.

Your choices are outlined in the fee schedule below. In addition, each private test has two options available for DNA sample collection: you may choose to use a testing kit from Journey Genetic Testing or make your own DNA collection kit. If you chose to use a Journey Genetic Testing DNA Kit, you will receive detailed instructions, buccal swabs, collection envelopes and a pre-paid FedEx overnight return mailer (USA only). Once your kit is mailed, you will be provided a tracking number to be able to determine when it will arrive.

Number Of People Testing Processing Time Cost
Mother and One Child 1 Business Day $119
Each Additional Child 1 Business Day $65
Non-Standard DNA Sample (Each) +5 Business Days $125

Example of Maternity Test Results

This maternity test result example shows that the suspected mother is the biological mother of the child. 

If the laboratory cannot exclude the maternity for a suspected mother then a bio-statistical probability calculation is provided. Results for conclusive maternity relationships will show at a 99.99+% or higher probability. 100% probability is not able to be achieved when a woman is the mother due to mathematical limitations on the probability equation. A 99% is proof that the mother/child relationship is scientifically proven. 

When there are two or more genetic markers in the child’s DNA profile which cannot be found in the alleged mother’s profile, the suspected mother is excluded from being the biological mother of this child. In a paternity test, the alleged mother cannot match on less that 22 of the 24 markers or she cannot be the biological parent of the child.

The results will always be 100% accurate. There is no “maybe.”  

Our at home maternity test results will have the same findings as our legally admissible maternity tests, however as no chain of custody has been established they may not be admissible in court.

Home maternity test results are available in one business day after the lab receives all DNA samples. Legal maternity testing results are provided in 1-2 business days. 

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