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Maternity DNA Test

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A maternity DNA test provides scientific evidence to determine if a woman is a child’s biological mother. Just like a DNA paternity test, this analysis compares a child’s DNA with their mother’s. In fact, there’s no need to test the father to confirm if the child’s DNA matches the mother’s.

Our test will give you 100% accurate results in just 1 day.

When You Might Want To Do A Maternity DNA Test

Maternity tests are not as common as paternity tests and are usually done for some of the following reasons.

  • Adoption cases – an adopted child might want to make sure if someone is really their biological mother.
  • IVF – a mother may want to verify her eggs were used when conceiving
  • General confirmation – to remove doubt if there was a hospital mix-up

The test is simple and painless with a mouth swab collection. You can do it easily and privately at home. Once you gather your samples, send them back to our AABB lab using the prepaid return shipping label. Our lab strictly follows quality standards and conducts each DNA test twice for full accuracy.

How Much Does A Maternity DNA Test Cost?

Our price covers it all. You receive a DNA collection kit shipped via USPS Priority. Inside, you’ll find clear instructions and all the items for DNA collection. It also comes with a pre-paid overnight label to send your DNA back to our lab. We speed up testing to provide results within one business day. There are no extra charges and no surprises.

Our Home Maternity DNA Test Kit is $109.00. This price includes one mother and one child. You can add other children for a small extra lab fee. And if you want to test more than one person to see if they are your mother – we can do that as well.

Order a maternity DNA test

Often Asked Questions About Maternity Testing

How Can I Make Certain Who My Mother Is?

A maternity DNA test is performed. DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) is the genetic material found in the cells of your body. A person receives half of their genetic material from their biological mother and the other half from their biological father. Maternity testing is performed using a technology called PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction).

In this test, we are looking at specific areas of a person’s DNA called genetic loci. These loci are then amplified, analyzed and compared to those of another person. This will determine whether they share genetic markers in common and whether they are likely to be genetically related. Non-DNA based genetic tests, such as blood type, are no longer performed for present-day paternity and family relationship testing.

Can I Do A Maternity Test Without A Mouth Swab?

Yes. When we are testing something other than a buccal (mouth) swab, the item is considered a non-standard samples. Items such as toothbrushes, hair with the roots, ear wax, and finger or toe nail clippings are common. You can learn more about what else you can test at Alternative DNA Samples.

What If The Mother And Child Live In Different Locations?

Our at home maternity test kit can be shipped worldwide. You just indicate that you need more than one DNA kit on the order form, and provide all addresses you want kits sent to. You will also be provided USPS Priority mail tracking numbers for everything we send.

How Can I Establish Maternity When The Mother Is Not Available?

The most conclusive way to determine if a woman is the biological mother is with Maternity testing. However, we know that may not be possible, so we suggest looking at other testing we offer to help you learn the truth through DNA.

One possibility is a maternal grandparent test is done with one or both of the suspected mother’s biological parents. Another option may be a maternal sibling DNA test, which is done with another child who may share the same mother.

If the possible mother has a full brother or sister, then an aunt or uncle DNA test (called an Avuncular test) can be done. And a final option may be a mtDNA mitochondrial test will conclusively determine whether those participating share the same female genetic line.

Do I Need To Have My Father Involved In The Testing?

No. The maternity testing we do is fatherless, and will provide you with a 100% accurate result.

How Long Does It Take To Get Maternity Test Results?

In almost all maternity test cases, results are available one business day after all samples have been received at the laboratory.

Order a maternity DNA test