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FAQs About Collecting A DNA Sample

How Do I Know If I’m Doing The Collection Right?

First, relax. We are sure you will do just fine. We have provided step by step instruction on you how to do a  mouth swab collection. To view this instructions just click on DNA Collection.

How Do I Send In Samples That Are Not Swabs?

Place them in a paper envelope and tape it closed after you have written the information needed on the front of the envelope. Never put a DNA sample in plastic wrap as bacteria can form and corrupt the integrity of the sample.

Do I Have To Use The Person’s Real Name?

Private testing does not require verification of a person’s identity. Whatever name or initials you put on the envelope is how the test results will be written.

Is The MYOK Option As Reliable As The Test Kits I Can Order?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if you use regular cotton swabs (Q-tip style) or buccal swabs for the DNA collection. Cotton swabs are generally 100% cotton topped where buccal swabs are a blended material, however both collect DNA just fine when our instructions are followed.