The Truth About Ancestry Testing

Can you trust the results from your ancestry test? If you have recently received results from one of the many popular ancestry testing companies, you may be facing some questions you are earnestly seeking answers to. If your ethnic profile came back different than what you have been told, you may begin to wonder if … Read more

Does COVID-19 Affect DNA Test Results?

Disease and illness seem to be everywhere in our daily lives. The current COVID-19 pandemic is just the latest of many deadly viruses that can cause a major impact on our bodies’ cell production. As we have all experienced, this pandemic has caused a significant impact on our daily lives and lifestyles. We have had to adjust … Read more

Do You Need A Legal Paternity Test?

So what type of tests are available today? Home DNA tests may be more accessible and affordable, but the results may not be legally acknowledged in court because they can be easily tampered with since there is no chain of custody procedure involved to confirm the identity of the participating parties. The remedy is therefore to … Read more

Can A DNA Test Sample Be Contaminated?

August 2020 Home DNA paternity tests are very common in today’s society. For a reasonable price you can determine the legitimacy of a father in question and determine if they are the real biological father of a child. However, the problem with using those home testing kits is that there is a slight chance that you … Read more