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Everything You Need to Know About Home DNA Test Kits

You might have heard about home DNA test kits for a while now, and they’re quite fascinating These kits let you learn about your family history and other interesting things using your DNA. Let’s find out how they work and why they’re so popular.

What is a Home DNA Test Kit?

Imagine being able to learn about your family’s secrets or find out if family rumors are true. All from the comfort of your own home. Well, that’s what a home DNA test kit lets you do! You don’t have to go to a fancy lab or a doctor’s office. You just use the kit in your living room.

But wait, what’s DNA? It’s like the code that makes you who you are, and you inherit it from your parents. These kits help you understand your DNA to discover interesting things about your family.

There are two type of DNA testing results that are provided. Private, at home testing, and legal, court admissible testing. If you think you need DNA result for Social Security benefits, a pending court case, immigration, or adoption please click on LEGAL DNA TESTING.

Most of our clients do not need a DNA test result for court. They just want to know the truth. Our at home DNA tests allow you to get 100% accurate results in the privacy of your own home. Home testing allows you the time to process the results, whether they are what you expected or not. We believe that we offer the best at-home DNA testing for these reasons:

  • Everything you need to test, and return the samples, is included.
  • Our testing facilities are AABB accredited.
  • The results we deliver are 100% accurate, guarnateed.
  • The legal and home test findings show exactly the same conclusion.
  • We provide for discreet testing and total privacy.
  • Laboratory processing of your samples will be fast.
  • DNA reports are written in easy to read, and understand, language.

How Does a Home DNA Test Kit Work?

When you get a home DNA test kit, you’ll find special tools inside. These tools help you collect your DNA. Remember, the “home” part means you collect the DNA at home, but the real scientific testing happens in a lab with our experts. Most home kits have you collect DNA using what looks like a long handled cotton swab. DNA is collected this way because the DNA collected from the mouth can actually give better DNA results than some blood samples. Instructions are usually provided, and then in other companies kits, you pay to ship the DNA to the lab. We are different this way – we provide a prepaid overnight shipping label, so we get your DNA fast.

Now, you might have seen TV shows where they get DNA results superfast. But real-life science takes time, and it can be anywhere from a day to seven days, depending on what you are having tested, before you get your results from us. Paternity tests and identical twins tests only take a day to process. A sibling DNA test, or a grandparent DNA test, usually take two days. A paternity test while you are pregnant takes about 5–7 days.

What’s Different About At-Home DNA Test Kits?

You can find some DNA test kits at stores, or you can order over the phone, or online. But what makes our home DNA test kits special? A few things. Everything you need is provided in the kit. We rush ship it to you and pay to have it sent overnight delivery back to us (U.S.A. addresses only). Our lab processes results in the fasted time, and everything is checked twice before you get the results. Experienced Ph.D.s review every result. The accuracy of your test results are guaranteed. And your privacy is always protected because everything is confidential.

DNA Kits at Stores

If you buy a kit at a store, you usually get a lot of packaging and a few swabs. You have to also pay additional fees for the lab to process your DNA, and also pay for sending your samples to a lab. It usually takes a longer to get your results too. You may be surprised to know that in the end, it will cost you more money in most cases to decide to use a store kit than ordering directly from a DNA company. More information about this option can by found by clicking on DNA Store Kits.

DNA Kits from Doctors

Some doctors who specialize in genetic conditions will let you buy a kit directly from them. These test kits deal with important health issues and the cost can be several hundred dollars into the thousands. It might surprise you, but doctors and hospitals don’t do paternity and relationship DNA tests. They will have you contact a company like Journey Genetic Testing for these answers.

How to Do a Home DNA Test Using Our Kit

Different kits might need different things depending on what you want to find out. You could use your spit (saliva) for ancestry, rub a swab inside your cheek (paternity and relationship), or even put a drop of blood on something (usually medical tests). But remember, some tests are only for those over 18 or children with their parents’ permission.

How Accurate Are Home DNA Test Kits?

Most home DNA test kits are pretty good at telling you something about your DNA. But remember, the accuracy depends on the number of genes they look at and the math they use to get the results, and they type of test it is. For example, ancestry type tests are not always accurate. All of our home tests provide the same results as our legal DNA test results. We guarantee our results to be 100% accurate.

If you want to read more about why your ancestry results might not be accurate, just click on Can My Ancestry Test Be Wrong?

Why You Should Choose Journey Genetic Testing

We know you’re busy, so we’ve made it easy for you. You can order our kits online anytime. We have heavy security for the website, so there is no worry about your personal information. Collecting your DNA is simple – just a quick cheek swab. You can also call us first and talk with us about your situation. If we can help, we will. If we can’t help you, we can let you know that also, or suggest who can. We don’t share your DNA with anyone else, and we even get rid of your sample after testing.

So, if you have a question about your family and want to know if something it true, order a Journey Genetic Testing test kit today!