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Legal Sibling DNA Testing

Legal Sibling DNA Test


Our legal sibling DNA test Includes two possible full or half siblings, a mother (optional). Also included is a professional DNA collection, and court ready results in just 2 days. Payment options are available,

Why You May Need A Legal Sibling or Half Sibling DNA Test

Do you need to prove for any legal reason that you are full siblings, or half siblings? Legal DNA sibling test will verify the relationship between two or more individuals. This testing will show to if they are biologically related as full siblings or half siblings. It will also determine if they are not related as siblings. Legal sibling testing is used to indirectly prove paternity when the suspected father is deceased, or unavailable.

Our legally admissible and home sibling test and half sibling DNA test will provide you with the same results, however a home test is not admissible in court since no chain of custody is obtained to prove legally who took the test. If you wish more detailed information regarding this type of DNA test, please go to Sibling DNA Test, and then if you need a legal DNA test, just return to this page.

A legal sibling test is usually used in court for child support, to establish who the father is for Social Security benefits. Other uses are for immigration cases, birth certificate name changes, and probate issues.

How Much Is A Legal Sibling Test?

Our legal sibling DNA testing is only $299.00 This cost includes two possible full and/or half siblings, and one mother (recommended if available). There is no additional cost for an appointment with an approved DNA collector. Your results will be ready in just two business days once all DNA samples are in the lab. A no-interest, no credit check, payment plan is available through our financial corporate partner Sezzle. This is a great option for those that may want to not pay everything up-front. Results will still be delivered while payments are being made.

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