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Legal Sibling DNA Test

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Introducing a special way to find out family connections: the Legal Sibling DNA test. Even if the possible father isn’t here for testing, you can still figure out if he’s related using this DNA test.

Sibling testing employs DNA from potential full or half siblings. The results show how probable it is that the child and the claimed father are biologically related. It’s similar to assembling a picture using parts from both siblings, all through genetics.

When you require legal evidence of family connection but usual paternity testing isn’t possible, a legal sibling test comes in. This choice gives vital info if the father can’t be found, reached, or declines DNA testing.

Numerous significant issues can be resolved with the help of a legal DNA test.

  • For adoption, official papers might be needed to transfer the child to a new family.
  • For immigration, proving family ties to U.S.C.I.S. is vital.
  • Settling family conflicts using probate or inheritance.
  • If the father can’t establish paternity, I.R.S. often needs tax forms.
  • When the father’s name isn’t on the birth certificate, Social Security benefits for kids.
  • Legal guardianship for kids’ safety.
  • For any legal matter needing bloodline proof, a court order is required.

Please select Home Sibling DNA Test Kit if you do not require your results for any legal purposes.

Journey Genetic Testing provides the most affordable legal sibling DNA test with transparent pricing. There are no hidden fees or surprise “add-on” costs.

Our Price Includes:

  • Professional DNA collection by an AABB approved collector;
  • Chain-of-custody paperwork and photographic evidence of those being tested;
  • Transmission of all DNA specimens overnight to our lab;
  • All laboratory processing fees;
  • 100% accurate, notarized, AABB accredited DNA results.

Number Of People Testing:

  • Two Siblings – $299.00
  • Two Siblings + Mother – $299.00
  • Additional Siblings – $125.00
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Talk With A Genetic Consultant

We’re here for you if you have questions, worries, or need a neutral view of your situation. Even if we can’t assist, we’ll always give you honest answers or guide you to the right place. We believe these results matter, and we want you to have all info for a good choice.

Start A Case

Once you’re ready to get this test, you can choose between two ways: order online on our website anytime or call us at 1-855-362-5224. We’ll need some information from you, which we keep private and safe. Payments are protected with strong encryption, and we don’t keep card details on our servers for extra security. When you buy online, you can select Affirm for 0% interest payments or use cards or PayPal.l.

DNA Sample Collection

We’ll set up your appointments and email you the details. Just go to the appointment(s). For children under 18, a picture will be taken, while adults need a photo ID. DNA is collected gently using cheek swabs. Once you sign, the collector sends the samples and custody to the lab. Gathering and sending the sample(s) cost is covered in the Legal Sibling DNA Test price.

Laboratory Analysis

We send our DNA samples to our AABB corporate partner for analysis. To determine whether the potential full or half sibling has a family connection, experts closely examine particular genetic markers. You won’t be charged more if we add more DNA to our standard test in the event that it doesn’t provide a clear answer.

Just two business days will pass before your results are ready. Genetic markers are used by our lab experts to make precise calculations. This provides a biological connection result that is absolutely accurate. The final report is a notarized, legally recognized PDF. For any purpose, it is a permanent record. We can also mail you a paper copy if you prefer.

A legal sibling DNA test serves as a road map for discovering family ties. When the conventional methods fail, this test intervenes with the precision of science and in-depth understanding of genetics. However, it’s more than just science; it’s a learning journey. By deciding on legal sibling testing, you’re letting the truth and clear answers in. You’re delving into long-hidden family mysteries. It’s not just about DNA; it’s also about understanding more about your family history. Sibling testing in a legal setting can provide you with the correct answers. And we’re here to support you on this incredible quest for the truth.

This webpage is meant for information only and doesn’t give legal advice. For accurate and specific details, please consult your legal expert.

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