When you need a legal paternity test to prove who the biological father is, Journey Genetic Testing's legal DNA test  will provide court admissible results to confirming the truth of the relationship.

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A legal paternity test establishes if a man testing with a child is that child’s biological father. Our legal paternity results can be used for a court case involving an issue such as child support, or child custody. The test can also be used to support placing the father’s name on a birth certificate, or changing the name on an existing birth certificate. We at Journey Genetic Testing insist on following every legal requirement concerning the chain of custody with your sample, so there will be no question as to the validity of the DNA results, when entered into evidence in a legal setting. Our testing laboratory employs the latest technology to provide the most accurate results for you. Our legal paternity test is 100% accurate – guaranteed.

We understand that not everyone needs, or wants, a legal paternity test, but still the need to know who the biological father is exists. We recommend ordering our home paternity test when that is the situation. Our home paternity test provides the exact same results, and is processed in lab exactly the same way, just without the chain of custody. Home DNA tests are not generally accepted in court as there is no legal proof of who has taken the test, however in home testing you know, and that is usually enough. Home paternity tests account for almost 3 out of every 4 paternity tests taken.

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