Make Your Own DNA Kit (MYOK)

The MYOK option is available on each order form when you select your test by selecting Order A DNA Test on the selection menu above.

Bio-Gene DNA does not offer this option for Prenatal Paternity Testing. 

Bio-Gene DNA Testing allows you the option to make your own testing kit when collecting and returning DNA samples to us. This option can save money on shipping a DNA kit to you,  as well as save you time as you can ship directly to us  without waiting for the testing kit to arrive.

To choose this option please select the “Make My Own Kit” option on the order form for the particular test you are seeking. You will find the order form on the information page for that particular test. For example, paternity test order forms are found on the paternity page, sibling order forms are found on the sibling page, and so on.

Upon finalization of your order (during regular business hours) you will be e-mailed a submission letter with your unique Bio-Gene DNA case number and the address for mailing your samples. The processing of the samples is conducted in the same time frame as if you used one of our kits – in as little as 2 business days for paternity tests!

Non-standard samples being submitted must fit into a standard envelope. If necessary please trim the item to fit (for example a hat band, a piece of clothing with blood, etc) into a regular envelope while making certain the specific area to be tested is included.

It is strongly suggested that if you reside outside of the United States and wish to order DNA testing that you use this option as the most cost effective and time efficient method to get the answers you need and deserve.

Please note that we are unable to process any DNA samples without a Bio-Gene DNA case number. Samples that arrive without a case number will be discarded.

Common questions about the Make Your Own Kit option

Yes. It doesn’t matter if you use regular cotton swabs (Q-tip style) or buccal swabs for the DNA collection. Cotton swabs are generally 100% cotton topped where buccal swabs are a blended material, however both collect DNA just fine when our instructions are followed.
First, relax. We are sure you will do just fine. We have provided a short video in Step 2 to show you how to do the DNA collection.


Place them in a paper envelope and tape it closed after you have written the information needed on the front of the envelope. Never put a DNA sample in plastic wrap as bacteria can form and corrupt the integrity of the sample.
Private testing does not require verification of a person’s identity. Whatever name or initials you put on the envelope is how the test results will be written.