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When you choose to order a DNA test, you can choose either a private, at home test result, or a legally admissible result with a chain-of-custody. The final findings show the exact same results, since we use the same process for both types of tests. A legal DNA result can be used for any legal matter, as the DNAsamples are:

  • Collected by someone who doesn’t have any interest in the outcome of the case;
  • Photos of the people that are testing are included with a chain-of-custody to prove who they are;
  • The test kit is never handled by the participants to avoid tampering;
  • The DNA collector sends the DNA samples to the lab rather than the participants.

We suggest ordering a legal DNA test if you either have a current legal case, or think you may need to prove the results in court.

For most people, the home DNA test is all that is needed for discovering the truth about their suspected relationship.

Order An At-Home DNA Test Kit

Home Paternity Test Kit
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Home Sibling Test Kit
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Home Grandparent Test Kit
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Home Avuncular Test Kit
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Home Twin Zygosity Test Kit
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Maternity DNA Test Kit
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Y chromsome DNA test kit
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Mitochondrial DNA Test Kit
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Forensic DNA Test Kit
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Amniocentesis Paternity Test
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Genetic Reconstruction DNA Test
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Legal Paternity Test
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Legal Maternity Test
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Legal Sibling Test
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Legal Grandparent Test
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Legal Avuncular Test
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For ALL legal testing, scheduling an appointment is necessary for all specimen collection. You can choose the best day for you on the order form. All collection fees are included in the price.

FAQs About Ordering A DNA Test

Our FAQs about ordering a DNA test will hopefully provide clear answers to your questions about the ordering process. You’ll find information about how to place an order, what to expect, and how long it takes. We want to make sure you have all the necessary details to make an informed decision. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, please reach out to us at 1-855-362-5224 or send us an email at

How Do I Order A DNA Test?

Feel free to place your order at your convenience directly on our website. Just visit the “Order A DNA Test” in the menu. You will select your preferred test, and complete the straightforward order form with a few basic questions. You can easily submit your order, and be assured that we receive orders 24/7. Additionally, our team personally reviews all orders before sethe DNA collection kit(s). This is to ensure there is no need for additional information or clarification on your order.

How Will I Know When My Kit Has Shipped?

You will receive an email from either or, and it will contain tracking number(s) for the kit(s) that have been shipped to you. If you don’t find the email in your inbox, kindly check your spam or junk folder just in case it ended up there accidentally. If you do locate the email in your junk or spam folder, please make sure to add us to your email address book to ensure you don’t miss any other emails that might be sent your way.

How Is My Collection Kit Shipped? Can Anyone Know I Am Doing A DNA Test By Your Packaging?

We send all DNA collection kits to addresses within the U.S.A. via USPS Priority Mail. For kits sent outside the U.S.A., the shipping method depends on your choice during the ordering process, either USPS International Priority or USPS International First Class.

It’s important to note that while our return address is included on the mailing label (in case it needs to be returned by USPS), neither the label nor the kit itself mentions the type of test being conducted. Your privacy is fully safeguarded, as no one will know what’s inside the package.

I Ordered A Test But Have Not Gotten A Confirmation Email. When Should I Expect It?

Confirmation emails, or digital receipts, are generated automatically as soon as you place an order. Since these emails are sent via email, you may receive them shortly after you’ve completed your order. If, for some reason, you don’t find the receipt in your inbox, we recommend checking your spam or junk folder, as it might have been mistakenly sent there. If you do locate the email in your junk or spam folder, please ensure to add us to your email address book to avoid missing any future emails. Please keep in mind that all email correspondence is directed to the email address specified on the order form.

When Will I Receive My DNA Collection Kit?

For domestic addresses, the delivery of the kit typically takes 2-3 business days. Although there may be occasional small delays depending on the location or unforeseen circumstances like weather or pandemic-related issues, these delays are still infrequent. You can monitor the status of your shipment by utilizing the tracking number provided and visiting

I Ordered More Than One Kit. Will I Know When They All Arrive?

Yes. Tracking numbers for multiple addresses will be delivered in separate emails from either USPS or, given that there is more than one address listed for the shipment.