Grandparent DNA Test

grandparent dna test

What Is A DNA Grandparent Test?

Grandparent DNA testing is often used to prove paternity when the suspected father cannot, or will not, take a paternity test. In these situations at least one of the suspected father’s biological parents use their DNA to compare to a suspected grandchild. This testing can either for legal purposes, or more commonly, by using a home DNA grandparent test kit, to determine if their son is the biological father of a child, or children.

Biological parents equally contribute 50% of their DNA to each of their children. This mean the child’s genetic DNA profile will show one-half of their DNA coming from each biological parent. When that child becomes a parent, they in turn contribute half of their DNA to their child. What this shows is that we can know that 25% of the grandchild’s DNA comes from each grandparent, through their biological child.

Many times both grandparents, and even the child’s mother, will want to be included in a paternity test using grandparents. However, we also realize that there are many times, or reasons, that the other grandparent, or the mother, is not available for the grandparent testing. Using one grandparent for testing means that there is less genetic material to compare with the child. We have taken that into consideration when determining the best way to obtain the answer needed from this DNA test. We insist on using a minimum of 24 genetic markers for the testing, rather than a standard 16 marker test, to deliver the strongest result.

If we cannot obtain a conclusive answer with 24 markers, we will automatically upgrade the test to examine up to 46 markers, as applicable in the case. Unlike other companies, we do not charge you for this upgraded service.

We mentioned prior that there are two categories of grandparent testing: legally admissible and private (at home) tests. The results you receive from our private home DNA testing will show the same results as our court admissible test, but does not include the legally necessary chain of custody proving the identity of each person testing. Adding the mother’s DNA sample is recommended on this type of genetic testing, if possible. This will allow us to eliminate her DNA contributed to the child. The lab can then focus only on the DNA from the father of the child. There are some instances where the probability of relationship may be stronger if including the mother’s DNA sample. We do not charge for the mother’s sample if included at the time of the initial order.

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