Grandparent Testing

Grandparent DNA Test

$199 for two people includes delivery of results in 2 business days

Grandparent dna test

We guarantee our 44 marker DNA test is the most accurate Grandparent DNA test available.

When an alleged father is not directly able to be tested, at least one of his parents can perform a DNA grandparent test to help determine if he is the true father of a child.

Biological parents contribute equally to their son’s DNA, so that one-half of his DNA comes from each parent. When that child becomes a father, he in turn contributes to half of his child’s DNA. Therefore, half of the grandchild’s DNA comes from the grandparents, through the son.

Bio-Gene’s Grandparent DNA Test determines the  statistical probability that a person is the biological grandparent of a specific child. This DNA test requires the participation of at least one possible grandparent and the child. In cases where privacy is desired it is not necessary for the grandparent to disclose that that child is being tested

Private at home Grandparent DNA testing

Bio-Gene DNA Testing will only perform private peace of mind, at home grandparent DNA tests using a 44 genetic marker basis. While this much higher than the industry standard, we have found that it is always in our clients best interests to perform a higher marker test for accuracy. We do not perform 16 marker grandparent testing under any condition.

How much does a Grandparent DNA test cost?

Test Type

Turnaround Time


1 Person (Addition to Existing Case) 2 business days $125 »
2 People (1 Grandparent/1 Grandchild) 2 business days $199 »
3 People (1 Grandparent/2 Grandchildren) 2 business days $299 »
3 People (2 Grandparents/1 Grandchild) 2 business days $299 »
4 People (1 Grandparent/3 Grandchildren) 2 business days $399 »
4 People (2 Grandparents/2 Grandchildren) 2 business days $399 »
5 People (1 Grandparent/4 Grandchildren) 2 business days $499 »
5 People (2 Grandparents/3 Grandchildren) 2 business days $499 »


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How DNA Samples Can Be Collected

The best method of DNA collection and testing is to use a buccal swab, which is similar to a “Q-tip” cotton swab, which has been rubbed on the inner cheeks of the mouth of those being tested. Sometimes it is not possible to obtain a buccal swab sample, for many reasons, including if the testing is being done discreetly. We are able to test alternative samples, normally at only a slight extra cost.

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When ordering a grandparent test you may choose to purchase a testing kit from Bio-Gene DNA Testing or make your own DNA kit. This may be especially helpful is you are using alternate samples, or do not want to wait for the testing kit to arrive to your shipping location due to time constraints.

How Accurate Is The 44 Marker Grandparent DNA Test?

You may review actual case studies to learn about why our 44 marker grandparent DNA test is the most accurate test available by CLICKING HERE.

Grandparent DNA Testing Results

Due to performing a high marker test, Bio-Gene DNA Testing is able to deliver results that show conclusive results in almost every single case we handle. Results are emailed in a PDF file to the person ordering the test once they are ready, usually within 48 hours.

When dealing with probabilities, an 80% or greater probability of relationship is commonly accepted as proof for or against blood relationships. In the event that the son of the grandparent(s) being tested was the father of the child, the results show the probability that they are related, or it will show that they are not related.

The results are clear, understandable, and are definite. Testing results are always kept confidential and only shared with the person ordering the test, unless specific instructions have been given to do otherwise.

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If you have additional questions you can-mail us at, or you may call one of our Genetic Consultants at 1-844-BIO-GENE (246-4363) to discuss your case confidentially.