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Avuncular DNA Test Accurate & Affordable

What is an Avuncular DNA test?

An Avuncular DNA test, also known as an Aunt/Uncle DNA test, is basically indirect paternity testing. A full brother or sister of the suspected parent can verify their biological relationships with a possible niece or nephew.  The results determines the statistical probability of the biological relationship. The results we deliver are 100% accurate.

Our Aunt-Uncle DNA test can provide a conclusive result to in-directly establish paternity or maternity. In addition, we can also perform a DNA sibling test, or a grandparent DNA test, can be used when the biological parent is not available.

Avuncular tests should only be done with the alleged parent’s full brother or sister. Performing an avuncular DNA test with the alleged father’s half sibling, increase risks of weak or wrong leaning conclusions. We do not offer Avuncular testing using a half sibling of the parent.

How accurate is Avuncular DNA testing?

Aunt-Uncle DNA testing is based on the statistical probability that two or more people are related by bloodlines. The industry standard for DNA testing of this type compares only 16 alleles (genetic markers). We holds the position that utilizing the industry standard 16 markers is insufficient standard to perform adequate testing for an Aunt/Uncle relationship. Why? There are simply not enough markers being tested to allow us to feel confident about the results. If only 16 markers are being considered in the testing process, we have found that in many cases an inconclusive result will be reported.

The more genetic markers that are examined means a more accurate DNA test result. It’s a scientific fact. That’s why we guarantee to provide the most accurate Avuncular DNA test available.

Journey Genetic Testing on performs Avuncular DNA testing with 24 genetic markers as part of our policy and procedural standards. If we cannot reach a conclusive result with our standard 24 markers, we will automatically upgrade the test. We will examine additional markers up to a total of 46to get you the strongest results possible. The DNA test result we provide you will show the strongest result possible for the relationship. Above all, we guarantee our DNA testing results to be at least 1,000 times more powerful than the standard 16 marker processing occurring today.

While we can in most cases obtain a conclusive result with just one aunt/uncle and one niece/nephew, we do suggest that if possible you add the mother’s DNA sample. We will not charge an additional fee to test a mother’s DNA sample, if it is submitted at the same time as the other DNA samples. If the mother is not available to provide a DNA sample we will still perform the testing, providing a result based on the genetic profiles of the suspected aunt or uncle and niece or nephew.

How much does an Avuncular DNA test cost?

Our DNA test may certainly the most important test you will ever take. We guarantee the highest quality testing at the most affordable prices. Our company process thousands of DNA samples every year for lawyers, physicians, adoption agencies, and private individuals. We are listing our fee schedule below.

You can order this test using your credit/debit card, PayPal account, or choose our no-interest, no credit check payment plan offered through our corporate partner Sezzle at checkout.

Number Of People TestingProcessing TimeCost
Child & Uncle or Aunt2 Business Days$135
Child, Mother, Aunt or Uncle2 Business Days$135
Each Additional Aunt/Uncle2 Business Days$110
Each Additional Child2 Business Days$ 75
Each Non-Standard Sample+5 Business Days$100

Avuncular DNA Test FAQs

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During the test, DNA samples are collected through a swab of the cheek. These samples are then analyzed to see if they share genetic similarities that would define a relationship of aunt or uncle and niece or nephew. A child inherits half their genes from their biological father, while the father shares about half of his genes with a full sibling. So, around half of the child's paternal genes will match those of the father's full sibling. Only a full sibling of the father can give an accurate avuncular test.


The primary reason someone would choose an avuncular DNA test is to determine paternity when the presumed biological father is absent, usually because he has passed away, is incarcerated, or is not willing to submit to standard DNA testing. Determining paternity can be a critical help in many situations, including custody and child support orders, inheritance claims, acquisition of Social Security survivorship benefits, and establishing a family relationship for immigration sponsorship.

If possible, the mother's DNA sample is recommended as part of the child's test. This streamlines the entire process, as it helps the lab identify and eliminate the mother's DNA from the child's genetic makeup. There is no additional cost for the mother's DNA sample if it is included with the initial testing.

Results are reached based on two factors: the number of genetic matches between the child and the presumed aunt or uncle and the statistical likelihood that those matches would occur randomly. These two numbers are calculated and compared to reach a percentage of probability. The higher the percentage of probability, the likelier it is that there is an aunt/uncle relationship. Bear in mind, however, that an avuncular test doesn't have to show 100 percent probability to be deemed scientifically accurate; if the percentage shown on the report is 90.0% or higher, it is generally accepted that the results are conclusive.

Yes! If the participants live at different addresses, different cities, or even in different states, we can send separate kits to everyone involved.

In order to send a second kit to another address simply select the option for additional kits on your order form. and enter the secondary address in the section asking where the kits are being sent to.

  • Home DNA tests are done to the same standards as our AABB legal paternity tests. Our tests are performed in a fully CAP, AABB accredited and ISO 17025/9001 certified laboratory. All of our paternity and family DNA testing services follow strict and validated procedures for processing samples to guarantee the highest degree of accuracy. Our testing process looks for 24 genetic markers ensuring you receive 100% accurate test results.

Avuncular DNA Sample Collection

The most accurate method of obtaining DNA for an avuncular DNA test is to use a buccal (mouth) swab, which is very similar to a “Q-tip” cotton swab. The swabs are gently moved up and down, pressing on the inner cheeks of the mouth of those being tested.  The process is simple and fast. We provide all the materials needed for the DNA collection in our Journey Genetic Testing Test Kit.

Sometimes may not be possible for you to obtain a buccal swab sample. We are often able to test discreet alternative DNA samples. To learn more about non-standard, alternative DNA samples that we can test, CLICK HERE.

Your DNA collection kit will have detailed step-by-step instructions on how to collect your swab sample. You can also read more about how to take a home DNA test by going to How To Collect A DNA Sample At Home.

If you need to send one or more of the DNA collection kits to a different address, we can do that as well. Tell us how may collection kits you need when you complete the order form. You will be able to enter the addresses for each kit on the form.

Avuncular DNA Test – Making Your Own DNA Kit (MYOK)

All avuncular DNA test orders include a DNA collection kit sent to the designated address on the order form. We understand that you may not want anything being mailed to you to allow additional privacy. Because the need to be discreet is common, we give you the option to make your own testing kit when collecting and returning DNA samples to us. And this option can save money on shipping a DNA kit to you,  as well as save you time as you can ship directly to us  without waiting for the testing kit to arrive.

To choose this option please select the “Make My Own Kit” option on the order form for the particular test you are seeking. You will find the order form on the information page for that particular test.

Once we receive your order we will e-mail you a submission letter with your case number and step by step directions. We make certain that the processing of your DNA samples sent this way are tested in the same time frame as if you used one of our kits. Our processing time is as quick as 1 business days for paternity testing and identical twin testing. We are able to process most sibling DNA tests, grandparent tests, and avuncular testing is 2 business days.

The MYOK option is a great choice for alternative DNA samples.

Non-standard samples being submitted must fit into a standard envelope, and if necessary please trim the item. Only the specific area we are testing for DNA should be sent.

We strongly suggest that if you reside outside of the United States and wish to order DNA testing, that you use this option as the most cost effective and time efficient method to get the answers you need and deserve.

We are unable to process any DNA samples without a Journey Genetic Testing case number. We will need to discard samples that arrive without a case number.

To learn more about the Make Your Own Kit option, please CLICK HERE.

Avuncular DNA Test Results – Examples of Test Reports

Avuncular DNA testing the results are based on a probability, or likelihood, that two or more individuals are related with the biological father of the nephew or niece being tested. According to AABB standards, a conclusive range is a 91% or greater (all the way to 99.99%) probability of the tested relationship.

We want to provide two examples below of how your Avuncular DNA results may appear. Our Aunt or Uncle DNA Testing kit can determine with 100% accuracy, up to a 99.99% positive proof of relationship or 100% exclusion.

Avuncular DNA Test Result Exclusion

Avuncular DNA Test result from a Journey Genetic Testing aunt/uncle DNA test.

The result we have provided above shows that the relationship is not supported by the genetic evidence from the DNA samples that were submitted. This means that the Aunt/Uncle and/or Niece/Nephew is not probable. We refer to this as an “exclusion of the relationship.”

Avuncular DNA Test Result Confirmed (Inclusion)

Best Avuncular DNA Test

This result shows that the relationship is supported by the genetic evidence from the DNA samples that were submitted. This means that the Aunt/Uncle and/or Niece/Nephew is confirmed. We refer to this as an “inclusion of the relationship.” The conclusive range for these results are 91% inclusion.

Avuncular DNA Test Reviews From Our Clients

Five Stars

Rated 5 out of 5
August 16, 2021

Amazing experience and quick results!


Easy, Fast, and Accurate

Rated 5 out of 5
July 11, 2021

I thought I could do other tests with this kit, but this test is only for an aunt/uncle and their maybe niece/nephew. I liked the fact that the price I paid included everything: the test, the lab fees, and a prepaid shipping envelope to send my DNA to the lab. The test was very accurate in my case. The lab emails the results so I got them as soon as they were finished. The lab was fast at getting me my results back as well!


My Review

Rated 5 out of 5
April 2, 2021

It worked well and the results came back pretty quickly. I definitely would recommend it! I really love it!!!


Efficient and fast

Rated 4 out of 5
February 23, 2021

Although I did not like the results I received I understand that is out of the companies control. I received my test two days after I ordered it. I live in Oklahoma and I sent it to the on Monday received an email on Tuesday that they got it (they gave me a prepaid overnight label included with my test) and had my results by Thursday afternoon. It was very quick and efficient. I love that no one has to know that I did this and I now have peace of mind without affecting anyone’s lives. I would definitely recommend using Journey Genetic Testing.


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