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Sibling DNA Test


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DNA Sibling Testing

A DNA test for siblings is basically a paternity test without the biological father’s DNA sample. This DNA test is one recommendation when the suspected father is not available to take a paternity test. Perhaps the alleged father has refused to take the test, or it just isn’t possible to get his DNA sample. Both the mother and father contribute 50% of their DNA to each of their children. We can examine the siblings paternal DNA. This allows us determine if they have the same father or different fathers. This same DNA test can also used to verify a maternal relationship between siblings. This is often done in cases of adoption. This test can also verify a maternal siblingship in IVF cases.

Our genetic testing is the best way to confirm, or eliminate, genealogy report information. We regularly test people who have taken an ®, ®, or’s ® test. Most  ancestry companies use a limited database and can only indicate that you may have found a surprise sibling. Our testing can prove or disprove the findings in almost every case.

The easiest and fastest way to find out the answer to your question concerning a sibling relationship with our at home sibling kit. These result would be used for private knowledge and peace of mind. Our legal DNA test for siblings is AABB accredited, and court admissible. Legal siblingship testing is usually done in cases where the alleged father is not available, and you need to establish a legal sibling relationship. Some of the reason may be for probate, immigration, custody, or financial support. Learn more about legal siblingship testing.

Our at home DNA tests use the same standards, and produces the same results as our AABB accredited legal DNA tests. We provide this service at the lowest possible cost to help as many people as possible learn the truth. 

Full Sibling , Half Sibling, Or No Sibling Relationship DNA Testing

When siblings have the same mother and father, they are recognized as full siblings. When two or more siblings share one biological parent, then they are said to be half siblings.

Full siblings share 50% of the same DNA.  If any of those testing have the same mother, and want to make certain they have the same father, then they should always take a full sibling vs half sibling DNA test. When possible, we encourage the mother of the siblings to also provide a DNA sample for testing. When we are testing for a full sibling relationship, we know that the mother is the same for those doing the testing, and her DNA can be profiled and then “subtracted out” from each sibling,. This is helpful because it them leaves only the DNA that the biological father has passed on to them. This can make for a stronger result in some cases.

When we are testing possible half siblings, we know that those testing do not have the same mother. We will be examining the DNA of each person to see if they share only the same father. Half siblings share about 25% of the same DNA. Just as when we test full siblings, it can be helpful to have one of the biological mother’s also contribute her DNA sample, We will eliminate her DNA from her child, and this leaves only the possible father’s DNA profile with that person. Then we can compare the DNA of the sibling with only their biological father’s DNA profile, and compare that to the other possible half sibling.

Is A Mother’s DNA Required For A Sibling Test?

No, DNA testing can still be done without a mother’s DNA profile. What happens if you cannot provide a mother’s DNA sample along with the possible siblings being testing? We certainly can still do the testing, however it may require that we examine more genetic markers. We start with a base of 24 markers to examine, however in some situations we may have to test up to 46 genetic markers to obtain the strongest possible result. This isn’t common, but it can occur in some cases. We won’t know this until we actually start the testing because we don’t know what each person’s genetic makeup is until we look at their DNA. When additional markers are tested, it may take an extra day of lab processing, however we never charge extra for the additional markers. These are “automatic upgrades” because we just want you to have the strongest results possible.

Important Note: There is current no DNA test that is available in Direct To Consumer testing (DTC) can provide an accurate result if the two individuals testing are known first cousins. First cousins share just 12.5% of the same DNA, second cousins 6.125%, etc.  Due to the high amount of DNA shared between half siblings and cousins, DNA testing should not be used for sibling testing among known cousins.
In both full and half sibling testing, we do not charge any extra for the mother’s DNA sample, if it is submitted at the same time as the other samples for testing.

Sibling DNA Test Accuracy

We guarantee our sibling DNA test results to be 100% accurate. Unlike other types of DNA testing, such as ancestry mapping, we compare each person’s DNA with each other. There are some DNA companies that state their testing is 99% accurate, rather than 100%. It is important to understand the difference, as you should always have a test result that is as accurate as possible, as these findings are often life changing results.

A paternity or maternity test is an “exclusionary” test, meaning a simple yes or no to the question in almost every single case. A DNA sibling test, rather than a yes or no, determines the statistical probability that two or more persons are or are not biologically related as full and/or half brother and sisters. This probability is expressed on the testing report as a percentage ranging from 0% to 99.99%+. This is because we are not testing the DNA of the suspected father (or mother in the case of a maternity test) directly.

When we issue a DNA report to you, the probability of that relationship, as stated on the report, is 100% accurate, whatever the finding is. The testing process that is used for our DNA samples is the exact sample process, and the same findings, for both our legal testing and our at home tests. Legal DNA test reports are unable to be submitted into evidence in court if they are not

  1. From an AABB accredited lab;
  2. Known to follow the procedures and methods necessary to produce results that are 100% reliable and correct. Our testing results fit both of these requirements, for all DNA test we perform.

In our sibling DNA testing process, we begin with a base of 24 genetic markers. If we are not able to obtain a strong enough finding at that level we will automatically upgrade your test, up to 46 markers if necessary, until the lab is satisfied that the strongest result has been obtained. Sibling DNA test results are always reviewed by a Ph.D., who verifies the conclusion and signs the report.

Siblings Who Live In Different Locations

This is very common. If the siblings are in different cities or states, just let us know you need more than one kit when ordering. You just provide the additional address on the order form, and we will send separate collection kit with the same case number. The reference numbers link the samples when they are received in lab.

Testing Without The Other Sibling Knowing

Private DNA tests can be done in a discreet manner. If you don’t want us to send a kit to you, we allow the option of making your own DNA kit (MYOK) using cotton swabs, You will be emailed detailed instructions, a case number, and if you are within the United States, we will also email you a prepaid FedEx label, as we pay to have your DNA samples overnighted to the lab. If you want to learn more about this options, click on MYOK.

Sibling DNA Test Cost

This test might be the most important genetic test you will ever take. We guarantee the highest quality testing at the most affordable prices.

Some companies offer “cheap” pricing for DNA tests. We understand that while that may, at first glance, be appealing, however we encourage you to be very cautious. Cheap tests usually have a lot of hidden costs (additional prices for added markers when needed, very high cost for more than one DNA kit, etc.). A cheap DNA test may actually cost you more in the end, and they often don’t have the resources and trustworthiness of established businesses.

While we don’t offer cheap services, we do offer very affordable DNA sibling testing. We have not raised the price for our testing in over five years, even while the cost of lab equipment, and the supplies needed, have increased dramatically. Our affordable prices have allowed us to process thousands of DNA samples every year for lawyers, physicians, adoption agencies, and private individuals.

Non-legal sibling test prices are often offered at a cost of $200, $300, and even up to $500 for two siblings. We do not believe there is any reason for such a high cost for testing. It just doesn’t cost enough to do the testing to charge that much to a client. Our testing is done in an AABB accredited lab, tests the highest number of markers, and is guaranteed accurate, for a fraction of other labs. Every company needs to make a profit to keep the lights on, pay their staff, and so on. We are no different, however we would rather make a small amount of profit on a lot of tests, and help more people learn the truth, that a huge profit on just a few tests. This philosophy is part of our mission statement as a company.

The price for testing includes our DNA collection kit sent to you by USPS Priority mail, a prepaid overnight mailer for returning your samples, (USA only) all lab processing fees, and results. If you do not want a kit sent to you for privacy or other reasons, we also allow the option to make your own kit. We will email you a case number and step-by-step instructions for collecting and send your DNA samples to our lab for processing.

Full or Half Sibling Test – Two Siblings – $129.00
Mother Added To Sibling DNA Test – $ 0.00
Each Additional Sibling Added To Test – $110.00
Non-Standard Item Tested (Per Item) – $100.00


Sibling DNA FAQ
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Sibling DNA test result are shown as a probability percentage indicating if the genetic profiles obtained can validate a relationship existing or not. Result that show a 91% or higher probability are considered conclusive evidence that the relationship (full or half siblings) exists, or less than a 9% probability determines that the genetic evidence does not support the relationship existing.

The answer is "Yes" in almost every situation. A sibling DNA test can determine which brother is the biological father of a child, if you include the DNA of the mother. Every child has genetic contributions (46 chromosomes) 23 chromosomes from the mother and 23 chromosomes from the father.

Yes, our DNA test can prove we are half siblings. In fact, DNA testing is the most scientific and accurate way to prove that two or more individuals are biologically related. Half-siblings share only one biological parent, either the mother or father.

We do offer legal sibling testing which is valid in cases for child support, parenting time, birth certificate name changes, probate, and wills, as well as many other legal circumstances. A legally admissible DNA test requires some extra steps, however the final results will be the same.

It depends. Since half siblings share 25% of the same DNA, and first cousins share 12.5%. Depending on if a mother's DNA is available to test as well, there may be other testing options that would give stronger results. In these situations we encourage you to talk with one of our Genetic Consultants at 1-855-362-5224, or email us at and we can offer advice on your unique situation.

Yes! Some commonly used items that are not a mouth swab include ear wax, hair (must have the root ball attached), mucous on a tissue, finger or toe nail clippings, and toothbrushes. You can learn more about these "non-standard" DNA samples by clicking on Alternative DNA Samples, or call us a 1-855-362-5224.

If your orders is placed prior 2:00 PM PST, you will be sent by Priority mail a sterile DNA collection kit (you will also receive by email a USPS tracking number) Monday through Friday to physical addresses in the USA. Orders received after 2:00 PM PST ship the following business day. USPS Priority mail is usually delivered in 1-3 business days, depending on your location.

Once the lab has all of the samples available for sibling testing, we will have the results for you in 2 business day in almost every single case. All testing is performed twice, to validate the findings. We do not charge any extra fees for this service.

Some Test Reviews From Our Clients

The process was so simple to understand. The service was fast. The result was back in 2 days. Now I am at peace. – MariJo
Findings is what I expected, but put her mind at rest. – Jon Y.
I was able to verify my sibling that I found on ancestry. This was such a quick and easy thing to do. Price was great. And I really appreciated to customer service. – Kathy B.

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