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Our Sibling testing will determine if two or more siblings are full siblings, or half siblings, or have no sibling relationship. All testing is done in the most trusted AABB accredited laboratory in the U.S.A.. We guarantee the results you receive will be 100% accurate.

What Is DNA Sibling Testing?

A DNA test for siblings is basically a paternity test without the biological father’s DNA sample. This DNA test is one recommendation when the suspected father is not available to take a paternity test. Perhaps the alleged father has refused to take the test, or it just isn’t possible to get his DNA sample. Both the mother and father contribute 50% of their DNA to each of their children. We can examine the siblings paternal DNA. This allows us determine if they have the same father or different fathers. This same DNA test can also used to verify a maternal relationship between siblings. This is often done in cases of adoption. This test can also verify a maternal siblingship in IVF cases.

Our genetic testing is the best way to confirm, or eliminate, genealogy report information. We regularly test people who have taken an Ancestry.com ®, 23andMe.com ®, or MyHeritage.com’s ® test. Most  ancestry companies use a limited database and can only indicate that you may have found a surprise sibling. Our testing can prove or disprove the findings in almost every case.

The easiest and fastest way to find out the answer to your question concerning a sibling relationship with our at home sibling kit. These result would be used for private knowledge and peace of mind. Our legal DNA test for siblings is AABB accredited, and court admissible. Legal siblingship testing is usually done in cases where the alleged father is not available, and you need to establish a legal sibling relationship. Some of the reason may be for probate, immigration, custody, or financial support. Learn more about legal siblingship testing.

Our at home DNA tests use the same standards, and produces the same results as our AABB accredited legal DNA tests. We provide this service at the lowest possible cost to help as many people as possible learn the truth. 

Do I Need A Full Sibling Or Half Sibling DNA Test?

When siblings have the same mother and father, they are recognized as full siblings. When two or more siblings share one biological parent, then they are said to be half siblings.

Full siblings share 50% of the same DNA.  If any of those testing have the same mother, and want to make certain they have the same father, then they should always take a full sibling vs half sibling DNA test. If possible, we encourage the mother of the siblings to also provide a DNA sample for testing. When we are testing for a full sibling relationship, we know that the mother is the same for those doing the testing, and her DNA can be profiled and then “subtracted out” from each sibling,. This is helpful because it them leaves only the DNA that the biological father has passed on to them. This can make for a stronger result in some cases.

When we are testing possible half siblings, we know that those testing do not have the same mother. We will be examining the DNA of each person to see if they share only the same father. Half siblings share about 25% of the same DNA. Just as when we test full siblings, it can be helpful to have one of the biological mother’s also contribute her DNA sample, We will eliminate her DNA from her child, and this leaves only the possible father’s DNA profile with that person. Then we can compare the DNA of the sibling with only their biological father’s DNA profile, and compare that to the other possible half sibling.

Is A Mother’s DNA Required For A Sibling Test?

No, DNA testing can still be done without a mother’s DNA profile. What happens if you cannot provide a mother’s DNA sample along with the possible siblings being testing? We certainly can still do the testing, however it may require that we examine more genetic markers. We start with a base of 24 markers to examine, however in some situations we may have to test up to 46 genetic markers to obtain the strongest possible result. This isn’t common, but it can occur in some cases. We won’t know this until we actually start the testing because we don’t know what each person’s genetic makeup is until we look at their DNA. When additional markers are tested, it may take an extra day of lab processing, however we never charge extra for the additional markers. These are “automatic upgrades” because we just want you to have the strongest results possible.

Important Note: There is current no DNA test that is available in Direct To Consumer testing (DTC) can provide an accurate result if the two individuals testing are known first cousins. First cousins share just 12.5% of the same DNA, second cousins 6.125%, etc.  Due to the high amount of DNA shared between half siblings and cousins, DNA testing should not be used for sibling testing among known cousins.
In both full and half sibling testing, we do not charge any extra for the mother’s DNA sample, if it is submitted at the same time as the other samples for testing.

What If The Siblings Live In Different Locations?

This is very common. If the siblings are in different cities or states, just let us know you need more than one kit when ordering. You just provide the additional address on the order form, and we will send separate collection kit with the same case number. The reference numbers link the samples when they are received in lab.

Can I Do This Test Without The Other Sibling Knowing?

Private DNA tests can be done in a discreet manner. If you don’t want us to send a kit to you, we allow the option of making your own DNA kit (MYOK) using cotton swabs, You will be emailed detailed instructions, a case number, and if you are within the United States, we will also email you a prepaid FedEx label, as we pay to have your DNA samples overnighted to the lab. If you want to learn more about this options, click on MYOK.

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Sibling DNA Test Reviews From Our Clients

Great service

Rated 5 out of 5
June 28, 2022

“Thanks for your response to all of our voice and e-mails. I’m sure it can be frustrating at times dealing with anxious customers pestering you for results. Your customer service has been impeccable and we will certainly recommend Journey Genetic Testing in the future.”



Rated 5 out of 5
June 24, 2022

“We just got our results and found out that we are identical. I think everyone thought we were except my mother’s doctor. We have always looked just alike. I want to say thank you. It’s like we received this wonderful gift, 50 years later than we may have liked, but still very much a gift. We just couldn’t imagine any twins being closer than we are, at least emotionally. We’re best friends. Once again, thank you so much.”


Happy With Your Service

Rated 5 out of 5
April 30, 2022

“We have received the results really fast. We are glad to be reassured that our girls are identical. Thank you.”


Excellent Experience

Rated 5 out of 5
February 16, 2022

I got test results back from an ancestry company but they could not give me solid answers. I spoke with one of your representatives who explained the difference and why I should use a person to person DNA test. Your process was simple and easy to understand, and the results came back in just two days, rather than weeks like the other test I took. Thank you for explaining the difference and now I know for sure. It showed we were not related after all. Very relieved to know for sure. Thank you!


Thank you!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 5, 2022

Great job! Everything was fast, and just as you explained it to me. I am glad that I went with your company.

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