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Individual DNA Profile

Individual DNA Profile


DNA Profiles

A DNA profile is a forensic technique used to identify individuals based on unique differences, called variations, in their DNA sequence.

The DNA found in our cells’ chromosomes have a large number of differences among individuals. The type of variable sequences that are examined in a DNA profile consists of what are known as short tandem repeats (STRs). Your one of a kind DNA profile is made up of STRs from several locations, or loci, throughout your entire genome. Since your individual DNA patterns can belong only to you, they can be used to identify your, just like your fingerprints. DNA profiling is often referred to as DNA fingerprinting.

What A DNA Profile Analysis Is Used For

Obtaining an individual DNA profile is of use to may people, from those who may need to establish their DNA profile for legal reasons to those who operating in high risk environments, such as military contractors; oil and mining workers, and firefighters, among many others. These reports can also be requested by insurance companies, or legal professionals, to identify a person and keep a permanent record of their identity for future use. The reasons for having a DNA profile test are wide and far reaching.

Some of the most common reasons for DNA profiling include:

  • Comparing DNA samples for genealogical or ancestral purposes
  • Verifying the parenthood of a child (maternity and paternity)
  • Obtaining court-ordered DNA results as part of a legal proceeding
  • Submitting a profile as a requirement for a high profile job
  • Profiling a suspect’s DNA for database comparison in criminal proceedings
  • Establishing a genetic relationship for immigration-related issues
  • Confirming parenthood in adoption-related matters

DNA profiles can be used for private results, where you collect your own DNA sample and a report is issued in 1 business day, or for legal or official reasons, if you are required to do so.

A DNA Profile For Official Or Legal Use

In order to be legally admissible, the DNA sample collection has to follow a strict Chain-of-Custody procedure. This process is used to confirm the identity of the person who is submitted their DNA for testing. All legally admissible DNA profile costs include Journey Genetic Testing scheduling you for a DNA collection at an approved DNA collector close to your location, lab processing, and a notarized legally admissible report. If you wish, you can also use our laboratories DNA “bank” and have your DNA findings stored for up to 15 years, in case there are future identification needs.

DNA Profiling For Comparison & Verification Purposes

This type of DNA test can also be used when there is doubt about that the correct person has submitted a DNA samples for genetic testing, such as a paternity test. Journey Genetic Testing can provide a service where we can compare the new DNA sample provided, to the result of a DNA profile produced by another DNA testing company, to determine if they are from the same person. While we will not comment on the validity of the results of the other company, or evaluate their particular testing process, we can confirm if the profile is of the same person or not (this is subject to the same markers being analyzed in both cases, or at least the majority of markers). A copy of the DNA profile will be required in advance to confirm that we are able to compare the profiles. If this is something you are interested in, please contact us 1-855-362-5224 to discuss your particular situation.