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Legal DNA Tests

Legal DNA Tests

Legal DNA testing and home DNA tests use the same technology to determine if two or more people are biologically related. Home DNA testing is not generally admissible for anything needing legal proof however. The reason for this is that in a home test there is no way to verify the individuals who are submitting DNA to be tested. A legal DNA test can be used for applying for Social Security benefits, a pending court case, immigration, probate, adoption, and when the I.R.S. asks for proof of a dependents biological relationship. If you do not need a DNA case for one of these reasons, you may want to consider an at-home DNA test. To see the DNA tests we offer please click on HOME DNA TEST KITS.

Listed below are DNA tests that are legally admissible. Not every test category that can be done as a home test is acceptable in cases where a legal result is required. Please select the type of test, or tests, you are interested in learning more about and you will be given detailed information to help you on your journey to truth through DNA.

Paternity Test - Cheap Fast Results

Legal paternity tests can be used for child support, custody, and for changing the name on a birth certification, as well as other legal reasons.

Maternity DNA Test

Legal Maternity tests can be used to prove that a woman is the mother of a child. Often this test is used for proof after adoption or a missing child as well as other legal reasons.

sibling DNA testing - full or half sibling

Legal sibling testing can confirm or deny a full or half sibling relationship. Often used when the possible father is not available for custody, support, and Social Security.

grandparent dna test

Paternity can be established for any reason a legal DNA test is needed by testing the child and one or both grandparents if the father if not able to do a paternity test.


If you need to legally establish paternity, and the suspected father is not able to test, you can test the child with a full brother of sister of the father.

Y chromosome DNA testing

This type of testing can only be done by male participants. Legal Y-STR testing is often done to prove that a relationship exists when suspected father is not available.

DNA banking 15 years

You can securely store your DNA for up to 15 years i to preserve your genetic legacy to benefit your family and future generations, as well.