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What DNA Test Provides The Best Results?

STR (Short Tandem Repeat)and centimorgan DNA testing are both commonly used methods for verifying biological relationships between individuals.

A paternity test, sibling DNA test, DNA grandparentage, and a twin zygosity test are all examples of DNA tests that can confirm or eliminate a relationship. STR analysis generally considered to be superior to centimorgan DNA testing for several reasons.

The Most Precise Answers

STR testing is more precise than centimorgan testing. STRs are repeated segments of DNA that are highly variable between individuals, which means that they can be used to establish a very precise genetic profile for each individual. In contrast, centimorgans measure the genetic distance between two loci on a chromosome, which is a less precise measure of genetic similarity.

The Most Reliable Testing

An STR type of test is more reliable than using centimorgans. STRs are highly specific to each individual, and the chances of two unrelated individuals having the same STR profile is almost non-existent (unless they are identical twins!). This makes it very unlikely that a false positive result will occur in a Short Tandem Repeats. In comparison, centimorgan results relies on statistical probabilities, which means that there is a greater chance of false positives and false negatives.

Delivering The Fastest Results

STR analysis is faster and more cost-effective than centimorgan analysis. STR DNA can be completed in a matter of days or weeks, while centimorgan DNA testing can take much longer to complete. Additionally, Short Tandem Repeat studies are generally less expensive than centimorgan DNA testing.

The Only Accepted Method For Accreditation

Finally, laboratories that use the STR method of analysis are eligible to apply for AABB accreditation. Only AABB accredited results can be used in court or accepted for proof of identity. This is because it is the most accurate method of verifying a relationship. Journey Genetic Testing only uses the STR method of testing, as we guarantee our results are 100% accurate.

Overall, while both STR and centimorgan testing can be useful for verifying biological relationships, STR DNA results are generally considered to be superior due to their greater precision, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.